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Case Ref : 20070914, Gosden, Andrew

Official Narrative

Andrew Gosden (born 10 July 1993) disappeared from Central London on 14 September 2007 when he was aged 14. On that day, Gosden left his home in Doncaster, South Yorkshire, withdrew £200 from his bank account and bought a one-way ticket to London from Doncaster station. He was last seen on CCTV leaving King's Cross station. Despite numerous national appeals for information in the years following his disappearance, Gosden's reason for travelling to London that day and his subsequent fate have never been established.

Email received

Please can you look into the case of Andrew Gosden, the fourteen year old boy who disappeared some 15 years ago. If your expert in statement analysis in the US applied himself to the parents' statements for ten minutes he could crack this case, which is one of the most infamous child disappearance cases of the last thirty years. If you are not interested, please can you give me the details of the expert in statement analysis and I will see if I can contract him myself. This is one of the biggest child disappearance cases and for the young boy affected deserves to be solved.

Email received

Have you ever thought about doing an investigation into the disappearance of Andrew Gosden?

He was a boy that travelled to London in 2007 and has been missing ever since. His missing poster has been circulated ever since and bizarrely next to no CCTV of Gosden was ever recovered by Police despite plenty of time and buildings for them to collect the footage!

His father has done several interviews some of which are pretty long so it would a great vehicle for statement analysis though I believe he is telling the truth.

Email received

I've popped a few links below regarding the missing 14 year old boy Andrew Gosden. It was 2008 when he disappeared. One of the links is to a podcast by some people who cover the story in a bit more depth, although they don't really draw conclusions of the story/evidence, but I feel you get more of the story than most media outlets about this case. It was featured in 2014-15 on the morning BBC Crime Watch programme. I find it strange how a 14 year old boy can disappear in a city like London leaving the King's Cross railway station where the last CCTV images were captured. Very strange how other CCTV seems to be ignored in this case to show his journey after leaving the station. Anyway, just thought I'd pass this on, as you may find it interesting or of worthy material to know about.







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