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Case Ref : 20190101, Manchester Canal

Official Narrative

Mysterious deaths in Manchester canal.

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I have found a selection of news articles relating to the Manchester canal deaths and more importantly demonstrate how little information is actually imparted, even in a lengthy news article. They seem to go out of their way to debunk and discredit without offering any firm opinions. Manchester isn't the only city in the country with waterways near nightspots. Maybe the people of Manchester are just more careless. Maybe it really is just coincidental. Not sure that I buy in to the serial killer hype, it feels like a smokescreen.







Search : manchester canals 61 deaths | Granada - ITV News

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Hi Richard, I just wanted to ask if you had ever looked at the Manchester canal deaths? A FOI document released by Manchester police revealed that between 2008 and 2014 there had been 61 canal deaths. That’s 10 deaths a year. It is now up to as many as 86, so it continues. The "official" police view is that there is nothing suspicious about this. A canal is only chest deep at best, how hard must it be to hold yourself under while you drown? The number of deceased in itself, I think you would agree, is suspicious. The coroner cannot find cause of death on many of the dead. Plus a whole load of other anomalies that I won’t go in to. Surely,

Manchester can’t be so depressing as to warrant so many "suicides", and you would think that if these, predominantly young male, people were pushed, then they would climb out the other side.

An author ex cop in America, David Paulides, has wrote a number of books on missing people, but only cases where human or animal involvement can be ruled out. They make for sobering reading. Like the parents of the deceased, I think there is a lot more to this than what we know. Why isn’t this national or international news?

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Very quickly I promise!, are you aware of the strange and disturbing cases of young men disappearing in Manchester and turning up dead in the canal system? It's roughly 1 per year for last 7 years.. I just realised there is a similar thing happening in Bath nearby, another missing man was found in river in central Bath last week. News reporter stated that he is 6th one in 6 years. As with Manchester case, the men are young, smart & seem to have been missing for at least 2 weeks prior to being found in water.. in every case the cause of death is marked as accidental death NOT drowning except in only 2/3 cases. In all cases the coroner said there were no injuries or signs of any trauma/struggle.

The police in Manchester are not looking into the cases & there was even a TV program about the police failings and the obvious suggestion is some kind of cover up. When the program makers requested input from the police the copper they featured was almost aggressive in his defence of the police force and, I feel, was incredibly defensive in his words/body postures/attitude. He refused to give any details, showed contempt for the dead men & their families, and refused point blank to even consider opening an investigation. Why would the police take such a negative closed manner given the obvious questions surrounding each death? Why refuse to even concede that an investigation should be at least considered? I got the strong impression he knew that the decision had been made at the top level to bury/ignore the cases. How could they make such a definitive decision about a string of similar deaths, stretching over at least 7 years, if they didn't have incontrovertible knowledge to enable them to be so emphatic that there is no suspicious behaviour, that the cases are not linked & to be aggressively defending their refusal to investigate?

I personally think there is something very disturbing going on, with clear high-level involvement. There are never any witnesses, the cops just churn out the same "they are drunk/gay young men" etc, and in spite of very direct appeals from the families the police refuse to investigate or even consider a closer look. Manchester is a renowned Masonic hotspot (my dad was high up in the Wilmslow Lodge, I remember going to his Ladies Night evening during his tenure as Master of the Lodge when I was about 14/15). There is no homosexual link because most of the dead men were gay. Their autopsies did not show up any excessive alcohol levels in most cases, flying in the face of the police statement that the men were drunk homosexuals who fell into the water. The list goes on. I wish I could look more into the case, as you would, but I don't have the means or necessary 'passes'.

I'm sorry for bothering you with this but I'm absolutely convinced that something bad is happening. The Bristol reporter even said "..another young man has been found " when giving the report on our news. I've worked out that the dead men in Bath are being found roughly 1 per year, and I've got suspicions that something similar is happening in Bristol because I recall many reports about similar cases happening in Bristol in our canal/docks area. Maybe you could give me some 'pointers' to help me to look more into this?

I have contacted you out of concern & I wondered if it is the type of thing you might be interested in, like the missing military man in/around Oxford where you did some research into the obvious discrepancies in the murder case involving a man murdering his family.

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Once again I ask you what are your views, and also if you would look at the Manchester canal deaths. Since 2008, 86 deaths have occurred in the canals of Greater Manchester..."86" doesn’t that strike you as incredibly large amount, and mainly young males. That in itself is absolutely mind boggling. Now, when you factor in that the majority of these deaths are of unknown cause, no trauma wounds or signs of foul play, then it becomes down right suspicious. The police are trying to pass off the "suicide" theory. Its not until you understand that your average British canal is only chest deep, and a lot more shallow in most places. As for the "Pusher" claims, well, what’s to stop the victim just climbing out on the other side?

Some of the victims actually managed to phone their parents or girlfriends, at the actual time of something happening to them. One victims parents said that they could just hear their son screaming and an "unearthly" howling noise in the background.

Richard, there really is something very very strange at work here, and a researcher of your calibre could find something extraordinary going on here. I think the victims could be being put in the water after death to destroy evidence, and to degrade and ruin D.N.A. etc etc....

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In answer to your question about official documentation of the number of canal deaths, Im not sure where I saw the figure of 86 deaths, but I believe it was in the Manchester Evening News. The Daily Mirror also mentioned, on the 18th March 2017, that the number was over 80 deaths in the canals of Manchester. They had a small spread, because now young men have started turning up in the river Avon around Bristol and in the harbour. The Mirror was asking if there was a connection. Also 5 young men turn up dead in Yorkshire rivers and canals, within 10 miles of each other last year. There was a documentary on channel 4 last year called Manchesters serial killer, which was about these canal deaths. Heres the headlines from the Mirror last month Richard.

“Fears that serial killer is drowning young men in Bristol - in eerie similarity to 'Manchester Pusher' claims”

I really hope you look in to this Richard, as its obvious something very strange is going on. There’s a guy in America at the moment, looking in to the amount of people that go missing every year from national parks and such, but the cases have to fit certain criteria or else he doesn’t take them on. Its been going on for a very long time, and its swept under the carpet. Hundreds each year go missing under this set of very very peculiar circumstances. Check him out Richard, his name is David Paulides, and his books are called Missing 411. He’s just bringing a documentary out about this subject anytime now. He says that the canal deaths have some striking similarities to the cases he’s investigating.

Anyway Richard, thanks for your reply, and I look forward to seeing you again on this next tour.

All the best wishes and good luck..


" Believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see "