Part 1 : Woolwich fake terror, Part 2 : Gary Heseltine
In part one we expose another fake terror plot, the Woolwich incident, which has more holes than a string vest. MI5 provided the photoshopping, the tomato ketchup, the mind messed "perpetrators", the fake police and put it out in their fake media publications. The "Help the Hero's" campaign is being linked to this phony event, it all helps to gain sympathy for the invasion of middle eastern (and african) countries who all have valuable resources. In parts 2 & 3, Ufologist Gary Heseltine who recently gave evidence at the citizens UFO hearings in Washington DC talks about his involvement. The panel of former congressmen signed a petition to push for full congressional hearings on UFOs. Did you see this event covered in the UK mainstream News? - of course not, the most important issue on planet Earth would never be covered properly in "The News".
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