John Hanson & Dawn Holloway - Haunted Skies
In this fourth and final show covering the work of ex police officer John Hanson we speak by telephone with two UFO witnesses. The first who is also a retired police officer witnessed a large UFO hovering over the river Nene whilst out fishing. Following the encounter the witness experienced unexplained health problems including a scar on the brain. He also communicated with the MOD, who allegedly started following his wife. The second UFO witness had a strange object come out of her nose, could this be an alien implant? The object was studied under electron microscope by staff at Manchester University. It is made of "hydrocarbon", but only limited testing could be undertaken. We are keen to have a more detailed study of the object carried out to see what is inside.
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163John HansonUK UFO sightings & Haunted Skies19-07-2013 Watch
119John HansonHaunted Skies & The alleged alien implant31-08-2012 Watch
118John HansonHaunted Skies24-08-2012 Watch
117John HansonRaoul Moat, appeal for information.17-08-2012 Watch
116John HansonHaunted Skies, British UFO encyclopedia series10-08-2012 Watch

" Believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see "