John Hanson on UFOs, 3rd Interview
In the third show with UFO researcher John Hanson we look at incidents from the late sixties. Hundreds of people witnessed a UFO known as "The Flying Cross", described as a biblical looking cross covered in lights flying about the English countryside. The cross was chased by police officers. Also discussed is the craft witnessed by air steward John Greig in 1967 where a spherical metallic looking craft was witnessed over Heathrow Airport. Similar objects have been reported many times in the past. Next week is the final show in a series of 4 with John Hanson.
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163John HansonUK UFO sightings & Haunted Skies19-07-2013 Watch
119John HansonHaunted Skies & The alleged alien implant31-08-2012 Watch
118John HansonHaunted Skies24-08-2012 Watch
117John HansonRaoul Moat, appeal for information.17-08-2012 Watch
116John HansonHaunted Skies, British UFO encyclopedia series10-08-2012 Watch

" Believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see "