John Hanson talks about his books on UFOs
A new series of 4 TV shows featuring John Hanson and Dawn Holloway's ground breaking series of encyclopedias covering British UFO cases. Starting from 1940, these books provide a detailed picture of the sheer quantity of solid UFO sightings over the decades. In this first interview we speak to James Salandin M.B.E. a retired RAF pilot who witnessed 3 UFOs in the 1950s. This case was reported to Prince Phillip. We look into further cases which when looked at as a whole lead one to conclude beyond any doubt - UFOs are real and are not piloted by man. So many accounts of witnesses being warned not to speak also provides strong evidence of a cover up.
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163John HansonUK UFO sightings & Haunted Skies19-07-2013 Watch
119John HansonHaunted Skies & The alleged alien implant31-08-2012 Watch
118John HansonHaunted Skies24-08-2012 Watch
117John HansonRaoul Moat, appeal for information.17-08-2012 Watch
116John HansonHaunted Skies, British UFO encyclopedia series10-08-2012 Watch

" Believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see "