The Raoul Moat Shootings, appeal for information.
We start this weeks show with an appeal for information. After the death of PC David Rathband earlier this year, it came to light that he had been dating a certain Lisa French. Don't know who she is? - do some research. French was probably the most important 7/7 bus bombing witnesses and was used to prop up the governments false version of events at the 7/7 inquest in January 2011. Her testimony at the sham inquest was vital, and in it she mentions seeing the "terrorist". Previous to this in media interviews she had never mentioned seeing a terrorist, nor had any of the other bus passengers. Exactly when did PC David Rathband meet Lisa French? This is a key question which we need to know the truth about. If you know please contact us. In the rest of today's show John Hanson continues with his first class research into UK UFO cases.
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