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278Dr Nick Kollerstrom Prince Andrew, London Bridge "attack" & the Salisbury poisoning Skripal affair13-12-2019Watch
273Richard Fry An investigation of the disappearance of Richey Edwards, of the "Manics".04-10-2019Watch
255Alan Wilson Jo Cox, Tommy Mair, LGBT, Birmingham Six, Alan Wilson20-07-2018Watch
234Richard D. Hall Ben Needham, Llantrissant Mint, Seal mutes, UFOs01-11-2016Watch
233Richard D. Hall Puppets, Middle East & 9/11 Video Analysis21-10-2016Watch
231Andrew Johnson David Icke's work, the CIA, 9/11 & disinformation23-09-2016Watch
183Richard D. Hall Implants?, Derrick Bird did not kill 1230-05-2014Watch
162Elaine Waite The mystery artifact from a womans nose12-07-2013Watch
144Richard D. Hall Horse psy-op, Saville psy-op, Horsham, Twins & UFOs!08-03-2013Watch
124Animal disappearances The Lincolnshire Triangle05-10-2012Watch
100Ben Emlyn-Jones Sacked for blogging on "controversial" subjects 20-04-2012Watch
97Richard D. Hall Abduction Phenomenon & Crop Circles 30-03-2012Watch
23Ian R. Crane Gulf of Mexico oil disaster & Peak Oil scam 24-09-2010Watch

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