They are not "SCANDALS" they are "PSY-OPS"

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I've said it before and I'll say it again, whenever you hear the word SCANDAL in mainstream media, replace it with the word PSY-OP (psychological operation). Does anyone really believe that overnight, people started putting horses through the mincer and sticking them in our pies? Sure, this probably does happen - but are we to believe it has just been found out about now? If people cannot see through these bogus stories then frankly they deserve to be eating shite not horse. Ken Livingstone has stated MI5 secretly film children having sex with politicians in blackmail traps. Why isn't he campaigning to have this practice stopped? Our media is so full of shit it's like having an open sewer in your living room. Mainstream media looks pretty with well dressed newscasters, but they have all sold their souls, none speak the truth and they should all be in prison for their lies.
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