The Lincolnshire Triangle - UFOs & Animal Abduction

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Many people have reported seeing UFOs in Lincolnshire. The sightings have been concentrated in the north east section of the county, centred around a town called Louth. Eric Goring of Brinkhill who regularly takes late night walks in this remote area has witnessed black triangular craft performing impossible maneuvers in total silence. In January 2009 the famous wind turbine incident occurred where a 65 foot blade from a wind turbine fell off during the night when a UFO was spotted by multiple witnesses over the wind farm. In September 2011 in the same region, 1500 sheep disappeared from a field on a single night without trace. Richard D. Hall investigates the evidence to determine if the sheep abduction could be UFO related. Strap in tight for the investigation into ... The Lincolnshire Triangle ..
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