D.C. Gary Heseltine talks about UFOs and the Media
Detective Constable Gary Heseltine has been keeping a database of Police UFO cases since 2002. He spoke at the UK Exopolitics conference in Leeds, August 2011 about the Rendlesham Forest UFO incident where he gave an evidential review of the case. The review was the culmination of years of research into this high profile UFO case which took place in 1980 over a period of 3 evenings. Also discussed in the interview is the disgusting and pathetic coverage offered my mainstream newspapers such as "The Sun". Gary did a 40 minute interview with a Sun journalist at the Conference, only to find that they barely mentioned what he said in their ridiculous article. When will people wake up to the fact that "The Sun" is merely a tool to create public perception, not a "news" paper.
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