UFO researcher Scott Felton, set up by the Police

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The first part of this weeks show was aired earlier this year when Scott explained what first got him interested in UFOs. In part 2 Scott talks about a metal detecting club he ran in the 1990s, and an attempt by the authorities to frame him for a crime he did not commit. The reason for wanting to frame him is not exactly clear, but could be connected to his metal detecting activities and his interest in UFOs. The Police broke into his house and stole some UFO literature! - incredible. Part 3 of the show is not for the faint hearted and is very rude. If you are easily offended by conversation of an overtly sexual nature then don't watch it. Strap in tight as The Poet in the Pub bares all.
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69Scott FeltonMetal detecting in Wales, UFOs19-08-2011 Watch
43Scott FeltonThe Phobos UFO & Scott Felton's UFO interest18-02-2011 Watch

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