The Richplanet Starship - Neil Sanders Interview
Neil Sanders originally contacted The Richplanet Starship to submit some of his music for the show. His music is predominantly about mind control and how it is used by secret groups to control the population. Having exchanged a few emails with Neil it quickly became clear he is extremely well read on this subject, so I thought his knowledge could help shed light on this sometimes taboo subject.

We discuss the secret MKULTRA mind control programme which was a continuation by the CIA of Nazi experiments into mind manipulation using a range of techniques. There are a number of methods being used to control our minds. Neil will be returning soon for a second interview about "media mind control".
Show Ref Guest / Subject Topics Discussed Release Date Select
248Neil SandersThe Manson murders04-11-2017 Watch
245Neil SandersSocial Media Psychological Operations23-09-2017 Watch
220Neil SandersSocial Media behaviour, slacktivism & the CIA12-01-2016 Watch
219Neil SandersManipulation behind social media05-01-2016 Watch
200Neil SandersWhy are drugs criminalised?02-03-2015 Watch
136Neil SandersCIA media infiltration & mainstream propaganda11-01-2013 Watch
135Neil SandersWas Saville part of an MI5 child sex entrapment operation?21-12-2012 Watch
99Neil SandersPopular music, who is controlling it and why13-04-2012 Watch
98Neil SandersPsychostronic technology and mind control06-04-2012 Watch
73Ian Crane/Neil SandersAgendas of the Global Elite23-09-2011 Watch
39Neil SandersMind control programmes, "creating" celebrities21-01-2011 Watch
18Neil SandersMedia mind control, Manchurian candidates20-08-2010 Watch
16Neil SandersMind control, MKULTRA, psychotronics, implants, hypnosis06-08-2010 Watch

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