Future TV Shows


The current series runs from 20th July to 23rd of November, and includes 10 shows aired every two weeks. The intended broadcast dates are as follows.

Show 1 - 20th July 2018
Show 2 - 3rd August 2018
Show 3 - 17th August 2018
Show 4 - 31st August 2018
Show 5 - 14th September 2018
Show 6 - 28th September 2018
Show 7 - 12th October 2018
Show 8 - 26th October 2018
Show 9 - 9th November 2018
Show 10 - 23rd November 2018

This series will feature Andrew Johnson discussing his latest books about the solar system and the secret space programme. It will also feature some insights into true crime. Perhaps another appearance of Peter Hyatt covering some new territory, and a few guests that have not appeared here before.

After this series there may be a limited ammount of more material produced in the new year before the 2019 UK Tour.

" Believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see "