• Masks of Illusion - T.K. Orbelyan

Paperback fictional novel. 177 pages.

“These creatures know human nature better than anyone. They’ve studied it for thousands of years. They know what methods to use to deceive, divide and cajole. They know what percentage of the population will believe anything they’re told, and what percentage will resist. They know who is susceptible to manipulation. Most importantly, they know the power of fear.” In this highly anticipated sequel to Fangs of Deception, T.K. Orbelyan provides a shocking exposé of the world the globalist elites are seeking to bring about. From a cashless economy to digital IDs and programmable money, Masks of Illusion explores a dystopian world in which mass surveillance, 15-minute communities and artificial food are the norm. By offering a glimpse into the evil strategy of enslavement that’s currently being implemented across the globe, Orbelyan shows that through a mass awakening of the public, the dark future that’s being designed for us can be stopped.

Masks of Illusion - T.K. Orbelyan

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