2017 New Series
Welcome to a new series of Richplanet TV. Starting with a look at a few of the "events" which have occurred in the UK over recent months. Richplanet is appealing for first hand witnesses to any of the recent "terror attacks". Mainstream media cannot be relied upon to find out and report the truth, so we are seeking out evidence independently. Also featured in this show is the first part of the 2017 lecture given in Merthyr Tydfil in April. Richard gives an introduction to his final Madeleine McCann film, some thoughts on president Trump, Wikileaks, fake terror and other issues. If you know of any first hand witnesses to the Manchester incident or the two recent London incidents, please contact that person and ask them if they are willing to take part in a filmed interview for Richplanet TV. If they are please ask their permission to forward their contact details to this website.
Show Ref Guest / Subject Topics Discussed Release Date Select
271Madeleine HypothesisMadeleine McCann cover up, a new hypothesis19-07-2019 Watch
252Jill Dando MurderKill Jill : The Dando Assassination Explained05-06-2018 Watch
250Richard D. HallHistory of Richplanet02-12-2017 Watch
246Richard D. HallMadeleine truth campaign, Bridgend "suicides"07-10-2017 Watch
239Richard D. Hall2017 UK Speaking Tour01-07-2017 Watch
237Madeleine film 8Madeleine : Why The Cover Up?19-04-2017 Watch
236Madeleine film 7Robert Murat & The Madeleine McCann Cover Up19-04-2017 Watch
230Tony BennettDidcot Deception - film update, Freedom of Speech03-09-2016 Watch
223Richard D. HallMadeleine, EU, News, Subversion, LGBT, Hawking.03-06-2016 Watch
222Madeleine film 6When Madeleine Died?29-03-2016 Watch
208Gough & KollerstromMcCann, Energy, UFOs & Nato, Kollerstrom24-08-2015 Watch
206Richard D. HallMadeleine McCann & Media Subversion 01-06-2015 Watch
204Madeleine film 5The Phantoms14-04-2015 Watch
187Richard D. HallMadeleine McCann & the establishment cover up10-09-2014 Watch
185Madeleine films 1 to 4Buried : True Story of Madeleine McCann08-08-2014 Watch

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