A Madness Shared by Two
A BBC documentary called "Madness in the Fast Lane" covered an event which just so happened to be captured by a BBC film crew on the M6 motorway. Two Sweedish twins who had been apprehended by police, suddenly seemed to run out into on coming traffic for no apparent reason. A few days later, one of the twins allegedly stabbed and killed Glen Hollinshead. But again, the BBC's woeful inept story telling fails to tell the truth in their shambles of a documentary. This is all exposed in David McCann and Sharon McKellars new book "A Madness Shared by Two", which provides a much more accurate account of the facts. The book clearly demonstrates these women were probably under special observation BEFORE the motorway incident. But for what reason? Well, you won't find answers from the BBC - because they couldn't lie straight in bed.
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" Believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see "