Danielle Silverman & Professor John Biggerstaff
Most people who follow the UFO subject in some depth will know firstly that it is real, and secondly the reason for UFOs being here is not fully understood by people outside of the NSA. Nigel Kerner is one of the few researchers who has considered all of the available evidence and put forward a hypothesis explaining the reason for UFOs being here, and the reason for human abduction by grey aliens. The work of academics who have examined thousands of people claiming to have suffered abductions is not widely known. Nigel Kerner's books demonstrate he has looked in depth at a great deal of scientific knowledge to formulate his hypothesis. Danielle Silverman and cell biologist Professor John Biggerstaff have helped Nigel Kerner research his books. Be prepared to challenge some of your preconceived understandings of reality.
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" Believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see "