UFOs & The Secret Space Programme
David Cayton and Richard Lennie join us for another audience discussion show. In part one we screen the incredible testimony of a Belgian radar expert, Professor Emile Schweitzer who came to the UK at the request of the British MOD to tell them about the dynamics of UFOs recorded on military radar in Belgium in 1990. His testimony is damning as it proves the MOD have lied about whether they have an interest in UFOs, they definitely do. In part two we discuss the latest developments in the Rendlesham UFO case and the new dis-information being published in mainstream media. In part three Richard Lennie joins the discussion to talk about night vision equipment and NASAs secret space programme.
Show Ref Guest / Subject Topics Discussed Release Date Select
218David CaytonAnimal mutilation in Leicestershire29-12-2015 Watch
198David CaytonUFO spotting & unexplained seal mutilations17-02-2015 Watch
197Horse mutilation caseSilent Killers in Sussex08-02-2015 Watch
82David CaytonRendlesham UFO, Belgium UFOs & Night Vision16-12-2011 Watch
68Mike Freebury, D. CaytonAnimal mutilation, Dartmoor cases & more29-07-2011 Watch
24David CaytonAnimal Mutiilation & Human Mutilation 01-10-2010 Watch
17Crop CirclesCrop Circles : The Hidden Truth01-06-2010 Watch
15Animal MutilationSilent Killers : UK Animal Mutilation01-06-2009 Watch
1David Cayton20 years of British Ufology06-04-2010 Watch

" Believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see "