The Monetary System, what changes are needed?
Mainstream news programmes and newspapers never ask the right questions about "the economy". This is because they are controlled by the same groups that control the banking system. They never seek to find out how new money is created, by whom and for what reason. By asking these questions and finding the true answers one can begin to see the inherent flaw at the heart of our monetary system. The argument is not about socialism, capitalism, fiscal policy or any of the terms used by ignorant mainstream commentators, the matter is: why is money created as debt? and who benefits from this con? Ian R. Crane joins Richard with a live audience to discuss the issues.
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149Ian R. CraneDangers associated with Fracking, 91112-04-2013 Watch
81Ian R. CraneThe Monetary System & the debt based economy09-12-2011 Watch
73Ian Crane/Neil SandersAgendas of the Global Elite23-09-2011 Watch
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