Scientific Investigation of 9/11 Evidence - Part 2
In part two of the interview Dr. Wood explains how some of the highly unusual evidence which was observed can be explained. During the event, various phenomena were observed which have no known precedent. "Dustification" of metal and other material, "toasting" of hundreds of cars some of which were quarter of a mile away from the events, levitation of cars and people, bizarre effects on metal. Dr. Wood puts forward that the effects are the result of a non kinetic form of energy. This energy is directed energy, similar to directed energy in a microwave oven. The evidence also suggests that the weapon used to cause the damage was utilising "free" energy, similar to that developed by Pons and Fleishman in the late 1980s, which at the time was debunked. However, Dr. Wood states this "free" energy technology does work and has been weaponised. >> Buy The Book
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