Lloyd Pye - Human Origins & The Starchild Skull
Lloyd Pye is a self taught researcher who has derived theories on "interventionism". Theories about where human kind came from are controversial and historically usually come from two camps. The first is that God created man and the second is that man evolved from apes. According to Lloyd Pye neither of these theories are correct. Research in the 1980s on human mitochondria DNA allowed scientists to calculate a date for the point in time from which the entire human race descends. This is about 200,000 years. Unfortunately this date made the anthropologists unhappy as it seemed to contradict their theories. Lloyd Pye points out there is no linear evolutionary path beyond 200,000 years. The evidence suggests that man was "created" here on Earth quite suddenly with no ancestral history.
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" Believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see "