The McCann's Embedded Confessions
Peter Hyatt is a highly respected expert in statement analysis. When we speak, the process involves deciding which tense to use, which words to select and what order to put them in. This happens in a fraction of a second. If somebody is constructing sentences from their experiential memory, the process follows particular patterns, which can be identified. If a person is fabricating when they speak, the cognitive process of choosing words is interrupted, because the mind must censor and insert artificial information in a very short time period. Language of somebody who is fabricating is therefore different and can be identified. Peter has analysed an interview that Kate and Gerry McCann gave in 2011 and both Kate and Gerry it appears show signs of deception. Peter determines from their language what he believes to be what it is they are concealing. The conclusions are shocking.
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" Believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see "