The Last Show on Showcase

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This weeks show is a mixture of sadness and celebration it being the last show to be broadcast on Showcase TV. Many subjects are covered including animal mutilation, UFO's and Wilson & Blackett, and a look back at some of the guests who have appeared on the show. Several recent animal mutilations have been reported to Richplanet, but the mainstream medias coverage of these cases has been as woeful as ever, misleading the public with the claim of "Satanists!" - run for cover, Satanists my colon. In part 2 Wilson & Blackett, the Forensic Historians announce two new books to be published in the near future. The first is written in novel format and covers the sculduggerous activities of "the secret state" who have been working to try and wipe out Wilson & Blackett's research for decades. The second book "The Invisible Kingdom of Britain" is the latest history by Alan Wilson.
Show Ref Guest / Subject Topics Discussed Release Date Select
255Alan WilsonJo Cox, Tommy Mair, LGBT, Birmingham Six, Alan Wilson20-07-2018 Watch
238Richplanet TourRichplanet 2017 roadshow video diary16-05-2017 Watch
196VariousAlan Wilson update. UFO witnesses.10-02-2015 Watch
180Richard MelbourneThe Discovery of King Arthur in Glamorgan10-05-2014 Watch
168VariousRichplanet TV pulled from Sky 19116-08-2013 Watch
147Historical ExpertsIndisputable evidence of King Arthur in Wales29-03-2013 Watch
127Wilson and BlackettThe Wilson & Blackett Conspiracy26-10-2012 Watch
93Wilson and BlackettThe books of Alan Wilson & Baram Blackett02-03-2012 Watch
92Wilson and BlackettBritains true ancient history and possible finds24-02-2012 Watch
91Wilson and BlackettEvidence of King Arthurs burial sites17-02-2012 Watch
90Wilson and BlackettCorrupt Welsh Authorities and their grotesque crimes10-02-2012 Watch
89Wilson and BlackettMedia smear campaigns against historical research 03-02-2012 Watch
88Wilson and BlackettA suspicious fire suffered by Historians27-01-2012 Watch
2Alan WilsonAncient history & The Ark of the Covenant07-04-2010 Watch

" Believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see "