Northumbria Police pervert the course of justice

This week (19/12/2023) I received news that historical researcher Baram Blackett has been killed in a house fire at his home in Benwell, Newcastle. This follows the recent tragic deaths of Ross Broadstock in October 2022, who had been heavily promoting the historical research of Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett, and the death of Baram's genius co-author Alan Wilson who died in September 2023.

For those who don't already know, somebody or some group attempted to murder Baram Blackett back in August 2011 using an incendiary device placed under his bed creating a massive house fire which very nearly killed him.

In this lecture from Richard D. Hall's 2012 Tour talk, he gives an update on the situation of "Forensic Historians" Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett at that time. Wilson & Blackett, authors of 9 historical books and researchers of Arthurian history have been targeted seemingly because somebody does not want their findings to become widely accepted historical truths. Media smear campaigns, murder attempts and perversion of justice by certain officers in the police. In today's talk Richard explains briefly some of the claims of their work and outlines the disgraceful "investigation" conducted by the ineffectual Northumbria Police into an alleged recent murder attempt on Baram Blackett. Blackett was in a coma for 11 days and very nearly died. It seems the spineless Northumbria police may be taking their orders from the criminals at MI5.

You can watch an interview Richard recorded in August 2022 with Ross broadstock, when all three were still alive here.

In 2011 the ensuing fire caused Baram to be comatosed for 11 days after the attempt on his life, and his family were told he had a 25% chance of survival. Survive he did, only to be killed this week (19/12/23) in another house fire. RIP Baram Blackett. You can watch the full series on Wilson and Blackett here ...

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