The making of the Starship & Dr Rauni Kilde Part 2
In Part 1 Richard explains how the Starship TV studio was made. Yes, the show is not actually filmed on a Starship, it is filmed in an old building in County Durham. We are seeking new cameras if any viewer happens to want to donate a PD150 or even a couple of Sony Z1's we would be grateful.

In parts 2 & 3, Dr. Rauni Kilde (ex chief medical officer of Finland) talks on various issues including the scandalous W.H.O. vaccination programme. Rauni also mentions her attendance at a Russian UFO conference where she was shown pictures of UFO landing/crash sites in the possession of the Russian authorities.
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123Andrew JohnsonDevices which may replace Earths fossil fuel technologies28-09-2012 Watch
44Dr. Rauni KildeMaking the Starship "Studio" & Dr. Rauni Kilde (Pt2)25-02-2011 Watch
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