The UK parliament continues to live in a fantasy world, pretending that the Jo Cox assassination was a real event. Evidence shows that the man that was officially convicted for her alleged murder was not on Market Street where the attack occurred. Since his arrest, Tommy Mair has not been allowed to make any statement about what happened to him that day. Richard and others have been trying to contact Tommy in prison without success. In today's show we present more new evidence which proves that the police planted evidence to frame the innocent Tommy Mair, and also talk to John Aspray who has tried many different ways to communicate with Tommy Mair. John does not believe that Tommy Mair is in Frankland prison.
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2852020 UK Virtual TourTommy Mair / Jo Cox, Manchester 'bombing', Rendlesham UFO 13-06-2020 Watch
276John AsprayThe wrongful arrest of Tommy Mair and the staged attack on Jo Cox. Where is Tommy?14-11-2019 Watch
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267Jo Cox Bent CopsStatement analysis of the corrupt Jo Cox investigating police officers08-03-2019 Watch
266Jo Cox AssassinationMP Jo Cox Assassination investigation, Brexit, Thomas Mair01-03-2019 Watch
256Chris HamptonJo Cox, Birmingham 6, Sex, climate, 9/11 technology01-08-2018 Watch
255Alan WilsonJo Cox, Tommy Mair, LGBT, Birmingham Six, Alan Wilson20-07-2018 Watch
251Richard D. HallThe Assassination of Jo Cox20-05-2018 Watch
225Dr Nick KollerstromJo Cox, Paris attacks, Fabricated Terror, Auschwitz01-07-2016 Watch

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