IMPORTANT NOTE : I am accepting ideas and scripts plus any other material people wish to send me as per the proposal set out below. The process of acquisition will last at least up to the end of 2021, and only after this point will I start a detailed assessment of the contributions, and decide how to progress. Please be patient for a reply, it may take some time.

Screenplay / Script for short Richplanet film

I am intending to produce a short film (around 10 minutes, possibly longer), which will illustrate how peoples lives might change after the introduction of the new monetary system which is currently being planned by the banking system. I have tried to explain in previous Richplanet episodes, the dangers of ‘programmable’ money, and tried to explain that once it is introduced, could easily bring about the end of human freedom. Because this is such a serious issue and because it has the capacity to turn human beings, literally into slaves, I think people need to be shown what the world could become like after programmable money is introduced, rather than just told. People need to be fully informed and shown why the eradication of cash is so dangerous, and shown how it will completely change their lives, if they allow it to happen. The purpose of the film is to warn. I don’t have much experience in script writing or screenplay, so I am appealing for viewers to help. I am asking for a short scripted piece, lasting around 10 minutes. The piece will feature a central character or characters, an individual or friends, a couple or perhaps a family. Or perhaps even feature a few separate groups in different parts of the world? The piece will feature the announcement of the introduction of ‘programmable’ money, or perhaps a surreptitious transition? It will then follow the lives of the characters and show the changes which happen in their lives over a number of years, possibly up to around 2030. Note here that our government might not choose to call it ‘programmable money’, and decide to use a new name. So the script needs to perhaps be vague about this. Other terms currently in use are stablecoin, britcoin, CBCD and programmable money. If I receive a suitable, compelling script, I will endeavour to make it into a short film. I can offer £200 for the script that I choose, plus a copy of my latest book and other merchandise. I realise this is not much, but I hope people will be driven by their conscience to write a script, not by a reward.

Here’s what I would like the drama to portray

A huge global recession occurs in 2022 / 2023, this could be narrated with news broadcasts or conversation between the characters. As a ‘solution’ to prevent any future recession, the government wants to introduce a new type of money. We will see the initial ‘selling’ of programmable money, by corporate media and government to the public and the propaganda associated with it. They will suggest that the new money will solve numerous issues in peoples every day lives. Namely: economic issues, health issues, social issues and security issues etc. It will portray the character(s) downloading their new ‘app’ or CBDC ‘wallet’ for their new money to contain. Transferring or acquiring the new currency, and then trying out their new accounts. The drama will illustrate clearly the motives behind why the characters stop using their cash, in favour of their new digital wallets. Those who issue the new money will make the new money ‘better’ than cash, by offering various incentives. There will also be subtle propaganda stigmatising the few who still insist on using cash.

There will be a honeymoon period where it all seems ok.

The presence and use of cash becomes less and less over a planned period of about 18 months. People aren’t that bothered because the new money seems to be working better than cash. It will be illegal to use cash by 2026. Conversation about how funny life now is without cash, and perhaps some comments on how we “miss the cash”. But everyone is essentially happy because at this stage the new money seems as good as cash. Slowly, over the next several years, one by one, various restrictions are placed on the use of the programmable money. The restrictions are applied in real time at the point of sale. Numerous excuses will be given for the restrictions, including health, environment and security. The jobs available to the characters are increasingly online and tightly monitored and measured, making the characters feel like assets.

I will leave it up to the imagination of the writer as to how this might play out, and in what order things happens. It will be possible for those issuing your new programmable money to place the following restrictions … They can limit geographically where you are allowed to make purchases. This could be used, for example, if another ‘pandemic’ was launched, to limit peoples spending to within a short distance of their homes. There are other excuses they could use for limiting geographical use, e.g., to reduce car usage. They can limit what you can spend your money on. So they will be able to prevent you buying meat, or prevent you buying coal, or certain drugs, specific food etc. Anything they don’t want you to buy, for whatever reason they invent, they could sanction. Similarly they could inflate sales of certain things by rewarding people for buying them.

They will be able to limit the quantity of things you buy. For example they could limit how many beers you can buy in one night. Or limit how much sugary food you can buy. The excuse of ‘shortages’ could well be used to limit your activity. They will be able to put a cap on how much money you can hold in your account. Or only top up your account with limited amounts, if you behave in a certain way. They could limit your spending to a specific amount each day. They could change how much you can spend if you visit another area or country. They can also vary how much money you pay for various goods. So they could make prices of certain things outside of your reach. They could also limit spending to certain times of day, or deny it altogether.

Such a system will inevitably result in ‘tiers’ of types of user. In other words some ‘important’ people who perhaps work for the government or large corporations might have far less or no restrictions on their spending. This will create a multi tiered society. The amount that you are ‘punished’ by the system will be dependant on your behaviour. For example if you express certain views online, your spending limits or habits could be restricted. Your money could be switched off altogether, if you are considered undesirable. Two of the recurring excuses used to increase restrictions will be ‘repeated pandemics’ and ‘climate change’, among other engineered threats such as cyber attacks. Plus, each individual will have their own restrictions applied depending on their own specific behaviour. This would make the ‘programmable money’ system very similar to the social credit system that they currently have in China. Over a number of years, the lives of the characters plunge into a dystopia, under a technocratic invisible world government and dictatorship. It’s very important for the script to show that once the decision has been made, to introduce programmable money and give up using our cash, it will be too late to complain. Once it is too late to complain, things will only get worse. There is only one time to complain, and that is now.

Here are some further ideas from Iain Davis

May I suggest it focuses on two characters who are friends. One in favour of CBDC one opposed. I wouldn't worry too much about time span as that will mean you have to age the characters with all the hassle of makeup and stuff. Perhaps the opening scene could be the pair discussing their views on CBDC. Then as it rolls out one sticks rigidly to cash and uses counter-economics and the other simply follows CBDC. Initially the non CBDC user struggles but they start building networks with other non CBDC users. They could be ridiculed by their CBDC using friend. Then as more and more of the restrictions you show begin to apply the tables start to turn. The CBDC user faces all the limits you suggest while the non CBDC users network of contacts and suppliers grows. Perhaps ultimately ending with the CBDC user being denied food in a shop while the non user buys a crate of vegetables from a man in a van with LETS tokens or something. One element I may add is that CBDC is set to control the cost of banking. When they want people to spend they will set negative interest rates and people's CBDC will lose value in a bank forcing people to spend. When they want to slow spending they will restrict the amount they can spend. Maybe a scene where the CBDC user says to their non user friend I can't talk now "I have to go shopping. I have been allocated a 1pm - 3pm slot."

Please send scripts/screenplays plus any correspondence to richard@richplanet.net.

IDEAS FROM VIEWERS (last updated 13.11.21) ...

There's a section in Aaron Russo's production "Freedom to Fascism" where a man tries to order a Pizza. But because everything is digital and a world of "Big brother" they won't let him based on his health records, crime rate in his area etc. And even know his travel itinary.

The danger of everything being connected, and the information on you being widely shared.

From .. 1 hour twenty two minutes in.

I do think, however, that trying to fit everything that you've outlined in your email into a ten-minute film is going to be a tight squeeze. I could see it being more like at least thirty minutes or more.

One more element that I could see being used would be celebrity endorsement of a new monetary system. Recently, Joanna Lumely, she's a national treasure apparently, was talking bollocks about how we could have some kind of rationing using a points system. "These are tough times", she said. Says her who lives in a multi-million-pound mansion in London and travels the world, most likely in first-class luxury. Every day must be such a struggle for her and the rest of them. So I can see how a cashless system could be used to implement such a points system. There is already a credit card that rations your spending allowance based on your personal CO2 emissions regardless of how much funds you have available.

Good luck with the film, I look forward to seeing it.

Another thing to bear in mind, along with Iain's suggestion "When they want people to spend they will set negative interest rates and people's CBDC will lose value in a bank forcing people to spend.", I have heard that China sets 'expiry' dates on digital currency to encourage people to spend now or lose the money at the expiry date.

Good luck with the script and film.

Can I suggest you ask your followers what they foresee as the problems with this no-cash currency then send a list of them to anyone who wants to write the script. Years ago I made a few attempts at script writing with no real success but I learned a couple of things. One is Keep Sentences Short. And no long monologues so Alternate Between Characters. E.g 2 on the phone. "Hi Simone. You look fed up. What's wrong? - They've closed my bank account! - OMG! Why? - Good Neighbours office said I missed 2 hours litter picking. - So no money till it's done? - That's right Can't complain in person. Entry permit for public buildings cancelled. And so on. I'm too old for projects like this now but the author will need lots of info and speculation from others. The big worry to me is how will UK pay back the money they borrow. Was Uk the collateral? Will the World Bank own everything? Will the CEO move into Buck Palace? Best of luck, Richard.

Following up on the Iain Davis suggestions:

Instead of two characters who go in opposite directions, maybe it could be one character being shown to take different paths, and the resulting consequences - as in the film 'Sliding Doors'. I don't know how the different choices would be made - could be, the decision to go to the pub one evening and talk to people - as opposed to staying in and watching the 'news', or some such event...

A very intriguing premise and genuinely horrific.

The first idea that came to mind was "Love Thy Neighbour" situation, the "Have's and Have Not's". One neighbour tows the line and gets shafted. The other breaks the law and drives around in a (not a Bentley) posh car but ultimately gets shafted and sent to prison.

Another possible ending might be that the entire economy is owned by just one company, with just one boss. To make it really scary, re-introduce the Death Penalty for Crimes against the Economy, hoarding food - public executions for drug dealers and pedophiles.

Can't give you a script but just a few ideas to maybe help.

Do you have a Revolut bank account? Works on mobile. If you don't, open one now. It will give you a good idea of what the implementation may feel like. https://www.revolut.com/ Revolut is mind blowing to me. You can buy & hold cryptos easily; no need for an exchange etc.

Sure you can incorporate:
· -ve interest rates; if you don't spend x% of your income by the end of the month, govt deducts y% from your account
· Automatic removal of cash for say driving in a bus lane, or inappropriate comment on social media
· Blocking of internet access to say Revolut (so you can't use independent cryptos) through your mobile phone & ISP
· Rise of loan sharks; have no govt digital currency so what the **** do you do? Barter loan; sex slavery – hell on earth

I think the short film project sounds amazing. I think it would work best if it was done in the style of Black Mirror as that is likely to get people's attention.

in my opinion you do not need somebody to write a script with those set of parameters . You need somebody to help you structure those ideas and to bounce off of to form the script you so clearly have a vision for. 10 minutes is very short to convey those concepts, not saying it's not possible but create the structure first , don't worry about the length . I have written a couple of scripts and made a few things , nothing corporate or mainstream. Very low budget which I was compelled to do and worked on with a friend . I am a fan of yours, money should be a utility , a method of storing wealth and exchanging for services or assets , that's what it should be , It should hold value . But its been corrupted to enslave people . Basically I think you need to help to write it yourself, shape it ,

I hope you are well and managing to stay sane in our current lunatic asylum we call Earth. Regarding your idea for a short film about the cashless society, a chap I stumbled across on Youtube immediately sprang to mind because he has made, and continues to make a whole series of short distopian films about everything NWO/Great Reset related topics. They are well worth watching and may give you some ideas, or perhaps he could help you out on this project. His name is Zachary Denman and he has his own website, as well as being on a lot of the various video platforms. https://zacharydenman.co.uk/films/ Hope this helps.

Take a look at Mike Malaoney short animated story telling. He has done a few of them and they are quite effective. A lot of animators with a range of styles (realistic or cartoonish) can be found on places like Fiver and you can get it done for less cost. The use of stock footage is also useful especilaly for B roll fillers and transitions. I am currenty making a fantasy/adventure film and I can tell you the less people in involved (actors) the better.

Zachary denman explaining creative process for his dystopian film series. He delivers a very concise explanation of our current situation and how we arrived at this point, that I think is definitely worth listening to.

Yes, CBDC is indeed a scary thought. In China they already have facial recognition cameras linked to people's bank accounts, so that you are instantly debited for things like jaywalking. The possibilities are endless. Not vaccinated? Can't buy any kind of travel ticket. Saving too much? Your money expires next Tuesday. AI detects unusual spending pattern? Spending restrictions applied to help you.

In response to your request.
I am a screen writer, sympathise with your ideals.

Most if not ALL projects I have been involved with. require an outline prior to any script.

So, I present to you, mine in four main brushstrokes;

The concept will be via a series of Zoom calls, thus lowering the production cost.
Left half of screen Male. Right side of screen Female.

The participants are a MALE (CON new currency) and via his female friend (PRO new currency).

Thus timelines and facial prosthetics will be of secondary and fiscal consideration.
1) At first all seems well, the two friends call (on Zoom) concerns (Pandemics, Riots, Whatever) are raised but all seems well.
2) Things break down after a number of Zoom calls.

Objects in background seem more grandiose or less as appropriate, as calls progress.
3) Things deteriorate between the two friends, background images intensify the distance.
4) The female cannot connect with the Male and the left hand side of the Zoom calls remains black with intermittent static.

Fill in your own bullet points as required, and I could incorporate them.

If you are interested, please let me know, fiscal reward is of no consequent, otherwise I wish you well with your endeavour.

I read the article on Tapnewswire about your appeal for a script on SMART money. My only contribution at this time is that it should appeal to children as well as adults for obvious reasons.

My nieces, who were 12 at the time, showed me a 5min YouTube video called "Model Citizen | Dystopian Animated Short Film (2020)" by channel "Dead Sound". The video takes a 1950s style look at the future fate of families that could just about be turning true now. They loved the video, thinking it was just fun, but the point is they watched it.

If the presentation could be done in this style, possibly even by the author David James Armsby, it would definitely get watched then the seed would grow.

There is a risk that if it is too data driven no newbies will be hooked to watch it. I think we have already seen a failure of the fact based approach as people seem to be overloaded with cabal B.S. They need to be fooled into accepting entertainment with latent educational value.

" Believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see "