All the indications that have been explained in this blog lead to the presence of nano-technology in vaccine vials, aimed at creating a network of wirelessly connected nano-devices and nano-sensors, which is installed inside the body of inoculated people. Finding plasmonic nano-antennas, after having found what is very likely the circuit of a nano-router, does not seem to be a coincidence and could confirm the presence of these components in what is known as a wirelessly connected intra-body nano-communication network, in turn confirming the phenomenon of the emission of MAC addresses after having corroborated the existence of the necessary hardware, and therefore the introduction of undeclared components.

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Letter Sent to Gerald Jones (MP) on 14/12/2021

Dear Gerald Jones (MP),

I have done a great deal of research into the injection programme and the possible true reason for it.

It is clear that the injections do not do what the makers claim, ie protect people from some imaginary virus.

Many scientists have now examined the contents of the vaccines under powerful electron microscopes, and studies conclude that Graphene Oxide (or Hydroxide) is present within the vaccines. Graphene Oxide is a man made nano material and is toxic to the human body. It is undoubtedly one of the main reasons for the 1.3 million UK adverse reactions. You can find details of the adverse vaccine reactions from the governments own data here ...

Multiple studies have shown that the vaccines contain nano technology (of which graphene oxide is a building block) including damning evidence of self-assembling wireless nanosensor networks using graphene quantum dots, nanorouters and nanoantennas. These findings have recently been published by Dr. Pablo Campra who found nano materials in 4 different makes of COVID Vaccines.

Details of his study can be found here ...

I am sending this email to formally inform you that evidence from respected scientists shows that the injections are implanting innocent people, against their wishes, with nano communication type technology, effectively installing some kind of system into their bodies. The components of this system are demonstrably toxic and are what has caused the reactions and deaths people have so far suffered with and continue to suffer with.

I am making a formal request to you as my parliamentary representative to express my concerns to the UK government, to the police and to the UK parliament, and to highlight to them all the findings of Dr. Pablo Campra and researcher Mik Anderson set out in the link above. The only sensible action from now is to halt the vaccination programme and demand a criminal investigation and prosecution into those who have been involved in this most heinous crime against humanity.

What is happening now in the UK (and the world) makes past genocide and holocausts throughout history look like children's parties. Now that you have been informed and shown the evidence, if you fail to act on this request, you would be party to the ongoing genocide, and would hopefully end up in prison.

You'll understand now why asking me to wear a mask, carry a covid pass or lock myself in my house are the most insulting ridiculous things you could expect anyone to do. Do not insult our intelligence by supporting ANY of these types of measures - millions of people now KNOW it is a global scam.

Were you elected to seek truth and represent and protect your constituents ?

Or were you elected to roll over and play your part in the rape and genocide of your fellow humans ?

Please take action, please see what is going on. You have been monumentally duped. My words are not conspiracy theories, what I am setting out is backed by solid scientifically published evidence.

Act now.

Richard D. Hall

" Believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see "