September 2008 Newsletter : Watch out Gordon!

Letter from Ministry of Defence received by Richplanet
On 11th August 2008 I wrote to Prime Minister Gordon Brown and George W. Bush. In the letters I stated some of what Dr. Edgar Mitchell (the sixth man on the moon) recently stated about the alien and UFO cover up. Richplanet received a response from the Ministry of Defence. The last paragraph is quite interesting, do they really expect us to believe they are not interested in this? >> View the MOD Letter here

Talk Sport Interview - 24th August
Richard was recently interviewed on Talk Sport radio on the Ian Collins show. The whole thing was a huge success, we got to play several compelling audio clips of disclosure project witnesses, Bob Lazar and others. At one point Ian sounded very convinced when he said that this goes against everything he believes in, I really think he started to believe in what was being presented to him. Hopefully Richard will get back on the show soon. We are still waiting for the recording of the show to be sent to us so we can put it on the site. As soon as we get it it will be uploaded.

Telephone Call With Bob White : Owner of an Alien Artifact
One item on this website has always fascinated me. It's the Bob White alien artifact >> Watch the Bob White Video Here. I managed to telephone Bob a few weeks ago and spoke to him for about 20 minutes. He's a bit hard up and is still looking for sponsors to help him get further scientific tests carried out on his object, specifically a Chromium isotopic test. He is a very genuine person and I believe his story is 100%. I asked him if I could make a plaster of paris moulding of his object so that I could hand it around at the forthcoming presentation. He said as long as the process did not damage the artifact he had no problem. Publishes New Book
You may already be aware that has published it's first book, "Aliens Before Gentlemen", by Richard D. Hall, priced 9.99. >> Full details available here. The book has been sent to all of the major Newspapers and Book Review organisations and we are waiting for their responses.

Live Presentation - Aliens & UFOs in Gateshead on 25th September
If you want to meet Richard D. Hall he will be appearing at Caedmon Hall, Gateshead giving a presentation on the UFO and Alien cover up. The talk lasts 90 minutes followed by questions and answers. The content of the presentation is very entertaining with much use of audio and video to complement the lecture.
>> Full Details Available Here

Project : Waffle
Finally, we are working on a project which if successful could raise the profile of the alien and UFO issue. I am using some contacts to try and get to talk to Prime Minister Gordon Brown and ask him some pertinent questions on the UFO matter. Hopefully it will happen in the next 2 to 3 months. It may or may not be successful, stay tuned.

Richard D. Hall

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