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We asked people to send any new information or updates to the original films, below is a list of relevant updates...

In the film "When Madeleine Died?", In the final segment I stated that Ms. Cadogan works closely with internationally known pioneer of statement analysis Peter Hyatt. I would like to correct this statement, as Ms.Cadogan does not work with Peter Hyatt. She does however contribute to his blog website on the subject of statement analysis and is known to Peter Hyatt.
Email from Martin Smith, August 2014
Dear Mr. Hall,
I have just watched the 4 parts of your new film "Buried by Mainstream Media etc" which I found very interesting. I would like to point out a major inaccuracy near the end of part 4 of the film where it was stated that I was "friends with Robert Murat". This statement is untrue and I would like it corrected. I had come across Mr. Murat twice in the previous 12 months, had never been introduced to him and merely knew him by sight.
Yours sincerely,
Martin Smith.

It has been alleged that the person who told Goncalo Amaral he had a meeting with MI5 at Faro Airport was not Martin Grime, but in fact Mark Harrison.

A viewer claimed the tennis courts we used in our film were not the tennis courts which the group played on.

The claim that there were no fingerprints other than Kate McCann's found on the shutters. A viewer points out that at a later date three partial fingerprints were found which were unidentifiable. Therefore Kate McCann's was the only "complete" fingerprint found on the shutters.

A viewer brings up a point about that the claim that none of the reports from the British diplomat was ever mentioned in the British press. It appears that the Daily Mail did cover it on 3/12/2007. Link Here >>. We were unaware this had been reported and are not aware of other reports of this.

The image used to portray Henri Exton is in fact and image of Andy Tattersall, this is an error.

Regarding Gerry McCann and Robert Murat's mobile phone usage, the following is a more detailed account than was described in the film...

Robert Murat turned his mobile back on after a long silent interval at 2320 on 3 May. One of his first calls was from Sergi Malinka, his computer guru. At least one hour before KM raised the alarm, Sergi and his friends were chatting profusely by phone.

The vital piece of evidence, however, is this: RM's mobile phone silence had begun at 1545 on 2 May, and ended at 2320 on 3 May just after KM's shout. That's 31h 35m of silence. Gerry had been taking numerous calls made to his voicemail box on 2 May, and effectively the last of these was at 1549. He postponed listening to this until around 2015, at which point he turned off his mobile. He took just one incoming call at 1224 on 3 May, then his mobile fell silent again until 2314. Since he didn't make a single outgoing call during that period, and used voicemail (which eliminates any possibility of identification of his callers), we can say that his period of silence (compare the figure with Murat's) was of 31h 25m. Does this suggest that that GM and RM were in cahoots?

I then consider in more detail those 12 voicemail messages which GM received on 2 May. The PJ never found out who they came from, but by any standards it was a busy eight hours for Gerry. He postponed listening to the last two for some reason. KM's claim that Gerry was so busy at work that he had to keep in touch with his department is questionable because he didn't actually speak to anybody, and never responded with a single outgoing call.

The film stated that the McCanns did not use evening creche or baby listening service. A viewer points out that they do not think there was a baby listening service.

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Buried By Mainstream Media - The True Story of Madeleine McCann
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When Madeleine Died?

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