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Andrew Johnson Interview

Show No. 01

Andrew Johnson joins us for a second interview examining the physical evidence from the 9/11 attacks. The 9/11 truth movement often cite "controlled demolition" as the cause for the twin towers disappearance. Examining the evidence, this theory is a weak one. After the towers were destroyed we should have seen a rubble rubble pile aproximately 10 stories in height of compressed floors. However, what was left was almost nothing, hardly any traces of towers were left. Add to that the "dustification" process which is very apparent in video of the collapse, and the strange circular erosion patterns viewed in aerial photgraphs, it appears that a process was used which is as yet undisclosed in its nature. Andrew believes an energy weapon was the cause, and U.S. intelligence agencies are trying hide this by encouraging the controlled demolition theory.

Where Did The Towers Go?

Show No. 02

Andrew Johnson joins us for a fourth appearance on the show to discuss the ground breaking work of Dr. Judy Wood. Her new book, "Where Did The Towers Go" examines evidence of the events on September 11th 2001 at the World Trade Centre. It is the most detailed scientific study so far into how the trade centre towers "disappeared". Andrew discusses some of the main elements of the book along with the skullduggery within the 9/11 truth movement. Some organisations are not what they seem. They are being used to steer people away from the truth and are demanding investigations into 9/11 instead of doing one themselves. This book IS a scientific investigation by a highly qualified scientist and has been described by an English professor as the most important book of the 21st century. You can buy a copy from this website here.

Scientific Investigation of 9/11 Evidence

Show No. 03

Dr. Judy Wood could not be better qualified to forensically and scientifically examine the evidence of the 9/11 attacks. Her ground breaking book "Where Did The Towers Go" provides this much needed investigation. The book provides proof that theories propagated by the media and 9/11 pressure groups (most of which seem to have been infiltrated) are wrong. Pancake collapse (the official theory), controlled demolition, thermite demolition and mini nuke demolition are some of those theories and none of them remotely stand up to the evidence. Having read the book, one cannot disagree with the conclusions of a former professor of Mechanical Engineering. Are there any politicians intelligent enough to understand the book and brave enough to do something about it?

In part two of the interview Dr. Wood explains how some of the highly unusual evidence which was observed can be explained. During the event, various phenomena were observed which have no known precedent. "Dustification" of metal and other material, "toasting" of hundreds of cars some of which were quarter of a mile away from the events, levitation of cars and people, bizarre effects on metal. Dr. Wood puts forward that the effects are the result of a non kinetic form of energy. This energy is directed energy, similar to directed energy in a microwave oven. The evidence also suggests that the weapon used to cause the damage was utilising "free" energy, similar to that developed by Pons and Fleishman in the late 1980s, which at the time was debunked. However, Dr. Wood states this "free" energy technology does work and has been weaponised.

Andrew Johnson exposes the 9/11 cover up

Show No. 04

Over the last 6 years a battle has been waging unbeknown to most. The battle has been to find the scientific truth about what happened on the day of 9/11. It has been fought by academics within various groups from a number of disciplines. Accurate information is the basis of truth and in this interview Andrew Johnson who was involved with the academic groups from the start, exposes some of the operatives being used to distort information and keep the truth about 9/11 out of the public arena. Andrew is focused on finding and exposing the absolute truth, which on occasion is a battle, as some people find the truth too difficult to face. Andrew explains that effects on metals observed in "The Hutchison Effect" is similar to the directed energy weapon technology used to destroy the WTC towers described in Dr. Judy Woods book "Where Did The Towers Go".

9/11 Video & Radar Analysis

Show No. 05

During the 9/11 "attacks", the flight 175 "impact" was recorded by between 50 and 60 different video cameras, each having a different viewing perspective of the same event. Even though there are so many recordings of what happened, the evidence in these videos casts huge doubt over whether boeing 767s were used in the attacks. Other non video evidence also supports the "no planes" hypothesis. In this weeks show Andrew Johnson joins Richard to discuss new analysis of 9/11 radar and video evidence. (This analysis was updated in 2016).

Andrew Johnson on 9/11 & links to cold fusion

Show No. 06

We have covered the work of Dr. Judy Wood, whose detailed study into 9/11 proves the WTC towers were destroyed using an energy weapon. This is an established fact, not a theory. Analysis of the WTC site showed tritium was produced during the dustification process. Tritium is also produced in the process known as cold fusion. Could the reaction discovered by Pons and Fleischmann in 1989 be something similar to the reaction which caused steel to turn to dust during 9/11. The murder of Eugene Mallove in 2004, who exposed the cover up of cold fusion could be linked to 9/11, in that Mallove knew Prof. Steve Jones was involved in the cover up of Cold Fusion. This is the same Steve Jones who, in 2007, did not include proper reference to his thermite "research" when he and others submitted a "request for correction" to NIST regarding NIST's 9/11 technical reports.

Dr. Judy Wood talks about 9/11 & the cover up

Show No. 07

Incredibly, most people do not know WHAT happened on 9/11 because they have been mislead by the tightly controlled mainstream media or by one of the bogus 9/11 truth groups. In her book, Dr Judy Wood examines a vast amount of evidence and determines what actually happened. The most important part of discovering the truth about 9/11, is to determine first, WHAT happened, (not how, why or by who) but WHAT. In her book "Where Did The Towers Go", Dr Wood provides proof from several independent sources of evidence, that the towers did not slam to the ground, but were turned into dust in mid air. This is now an established fact. The question - "how did it happen" can then be addressed. All evidence shows that a directed energy weapon (non kinetic) was used to turn the twin towers into dust. This was more than an act of terrorism, it was attack on human consciousness.

Dr Judy Wood 9/11 Lecture

Show No. 08

In 2012, former professor of engineering mechanics Dr Judy Wood came to the UK to present a lecture tour. The conclusions of her research prove that even those who support supposed 9/11 truth groups, such as Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth have got their facts wrong. The towers did not slam to the ground, but turned into dust in mid air. Dr Wood clearly demonstrates this in her two part lecture. None of the conventional explanations about 9/11 remotely fit the evidence. An undisclosed form of weapon was used to turn two of the worlds strongest buildings into dust. Those who support the thermite theory need to realise they were lied to twice, because the thermite argument is also a big lie, put out initially by Stephen E. Jones, the same Stephen E. Jones who was used to cover up cold fusion technology in 1989.

Further evidence of "what actually happened on the day of 9/11". The demise of building seven was a non seismic event. Many people point to building seven as being a classic "controlled demolition". This cannot possibly be true because no seismic signal was recorded at the time of its disappearance. Evidence shows building seven was turned to dust in exactly the same way as the twin towers. The 9/11 truth movement was controlled from the outset by bogus scientists who mislead many honest campaigners. The vast majority of those who got involved in 9/11 truth were fed a second lie, namely "bombs in the building". Dr Judy Wood is the only scientist in the public domain who has carefully examined all of the evidence without making a single assumption. Nobody can claim to know what happened on 9/11 if they have not read her book or studied her lectures.

No Planes on 9/11

Show No. 09

In 2012 Richard carried out analysis of 9/11 radar and video evidence of flight 175 as it appeared to impact on the world trade centres South Tower. Video and radar data shows that the object was travelling at around 580 miles per hour. Most pilots agree that 580 miles per hour is an impossible speed for a 767 travelling near sea level. Not only that, close up videos showing the alleged plane impacting on the side of the tower show completely impossible impact dynamics. So with two major impossibilities the question arises, what was actually used? By studying the video evidence closely it suggests that some kind of illusion was being generated to trick observers of the existence of a 767 aircraft. It is possible that a solid object was cloaked inside the illusion. John Lear explains just how impossible the speed was, which is a piece of glaring evidence that is not going to go away.


Show No. 10

Finding out who did 9/11 is NOT the secret they are trying to protect. The secret is so big that they would rather us believe it was done by a faction inside our government or even another government. Keeping us fighting over WHO did it and not looking at what was ACTUALLY done is the goal. Start knowing the TRUTH for yourself. Watch this in full and then GET THE BOOK! Dr. Judy Wood could not be better qualified to forensically and scientifically examine the evidence of the 9/11 attacks. The towers were turned to dust in mid air and were not destroyed using kinetic objects or weapons such as planes, bombs or nukes. The towers were processed with the weapon and turned to dust from within for a period before they collapsed. Watch steel turn to dust before your eyes.

David Icke & Shapeshifting

Show No. 11

Many people ask me, "What is your opinion of David Icke?". Today's show addresses this question. Putting the reptilian subject aside for one moment, David Icke has worked tirelessly over the last 25 years helping to expose the hidden agendas of those who really hold power in the world. His written work on these subjects extends to 19 books which cover many subjects we have delved into on Richplanet TV. Secret societies, intelligence agencies, mind control, hidden technology, hidden history and the puppet show politics which masks the real agendas. David Icke has also written about 9/11 and incredibly realised the event was a set up on the day it happened - and then wrote a book about it. Probably one of the first books to question the official 9/11 narrative. We also address the "reptilian" question and attempt to explain how this may have come about.

Updated 9/11 Analysis

Show No. 12

Updated 3D Analysis of 9/11 video evidence.

9/11 Planes, Layers of Deception

Show No. 13

9/11 was a global psychological operation which deceived over half of the world, in which the effects on display were not caused by what most people were lead to believe. If you believe the official story, then you really need to leave the human race and go and live in a flange of baboons. Working out what really happened has been a difficult journey for most honest researchers. This is because there are as many "muddle up merchants" operating in 9/11 research as there are genuine truth seekers. The muddle up merchants have been trying to discredit all of the video footage, some of which provides clues to what really happened. Evidence that passenger jet planes were used in any of the four attacks is slim to non existent. Today Richard is joined by Mark Conlon and Andrew Johnson who dispel some of the dis-information and hence get closer to the truth on the 9/11 plane issue.

9/11 Alchemy, Facing Reality

Show No. 14

On today's show Richard gives an update on important information about the Birmingham 6 case. And also asks whether there is a fornication psy op currently in place in the UK. The main part of the show is a premier of a new film by Christian Hampton which looks at the anomalies within the 9/11 evidence and sheds light on the hidden technology which may have been used. The film includes some of the work of Richard D. Hall on the "planes" and attempts to show how the illusion was staged. Also featured are Andrew Johnson, Dr Judy Wood and Mark Conlon. Mark has been grappling with the 9/11 plane issue for years and has moved the plane debate into new territory with his keen eye for detail.

9/11 Trick Show

Show No. 15

Richard was recently interviewed by Chris Hampton (Wolfclan Media) about his work on the 9/11 video and radar analysis. This short video gives a summary about why the project was undertaken and what it revealed.

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