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John Duffield

Show No. 01

John's book Relativity+ explains physics in a way never explained before. In this first of two shows, John explains some of the mysteries of modern physics. What is a particle? What is energy? John uses physical real world analogies in order to help understand the mysteries of the fabric of our universe. As he explains in the interview, there is more to understanding physics than just mathematics.

In John's second interview to be screened next week, he explains, gravity, quantum physics and dark matter: not to be missed.

In this second of two interviews, John explains how light is "bent" by the effect of gravity. But what exaclty is gravity? and is it similar to electromagnetism? He then goes on to explain how matter is affected by gravity. John also explains time and illustrates that time is not quite like many people think it is.

Is the Hadron Collider safe? and what on Earth is this stuff calling itself "Dark Matter".

Professor John Searl

Show No. 02

I was delighted to meet Professor John Searl, the inventor of the Searl Effect Generator. Fernando Morris accompanied John in the interview. Fernando is currently working in the States to try and replicate the device. In this interview Richard attempts to understand how this energy (and flying) device works. It has certain principals in common with standard motors and generators, but is different in one very important respect. The electricity is unlike normal electric current in that the chaos or random electron motion is not present, which means the drift velocity of electrons is huge (approaching light speed). This enables the device to become supercondutive, which in turn creates an anti gravitic effect.

Lloyd Pye - Human Origins & The Starchild Skull

Show No. 03

Lloyd Pye is a self taught researcher who has derived theories on "interventionism". Theories about where human kind came from are controversial and historically usually come from two camps. The first is that God created man and the second is that man evolved from apes. According to Lloyd Pye neither of these theories are correct. Research in the 1980s on human mitochondria DNA allowed scientists to calculate a date for the point in time from which the entire human race descends. This is about 200,000 years. Unfortunately this date made the anthropologists unhappy as it seemed to contradict their theories. Lloyd Pye points out there is no linear evolutionary path beyond 200,000 years. The evidence suggests that man was "created" here on Earth quite suddenly with no ancestral history.

Rupert Sheldrake

Show No. 04

Richard talks to Rupert Sheldrake, a Cambridge biologist who has fascinating theories about the mind. There is little or no evidence that long term memory is stored in the brain.

Keith Hunter talks about Ancient Knowledge

Show No. 05

Keith Hunter asserts that in pre-history existed a race which were more technically advanced than modern day man. The pyramids were some kind of power plant drawing energy from the Earth itself. Keith's assertions are arrived at by studying mathematical relationships between geographical placements on the Earth and the dimensions of the Earth itself. Be prepared to open your mind when listening to Keith, some of his assertions seem to contradict accepted science, but he is convinced as his maths seem to back up his theories. Keith contends that a global civilisation in pre-history were able to travel to specific points on the planet to construct their megalithic technology. He returns next week to explain more of his ideas on nuclear weapons and earthquakes.

Keith Hunter expands on his controversial theories. His work on nuclear weapons is based on the work of Bruce Cathie. Cathie first put forward the theory that nuclear weapons have certain limitations which have been kept secret. These limitations concern the geographical position of detonation, which must be at a specific point and time on the planet allowing resonant energy to flow into the device. Keith also believes certain military facilities across the globe have been geographically positioned such that the distances separating them represent a harmonic "fit" when compared to the circumference of the earth itself. This leads him to conclude they are "communicating" or using resonant earth energy in a similar way he believes the pyramids did. His book "The Lost Age of High Knowledge" is available from his website www.ancient-world-mysteries.com

Suppression of Free Energy Technologies

Show No. 06

There are devices which have been granted patents which appear to produce energy without the need for fuel or an external source such as wind or the sun. The phenomenon is known as zero point energy. A "sea" of energy is locked within space itself and some of the devices discussed on today's show could be tapping into this field. But be careful if you invent one, other inventors have been threatened, killed or had equipment stolen and their labs raided. The giants who control the worlds fossil fuel energy supply would be out of business if this type of technology was developed into working systems, which is probably why these inventions get crushed while still in their infancy. The U.S. military also have an interest in swallowing up new energy technologies. Oh, and if anyone has a suggestion as to how I can change my Meyer device to get it to work please let me know.

Hidden History of Physics

Show No. 07

Roger Anderton contends that certain important figures in Physics have been sidelined and even discredited in popular culture by being portrayed in a science fictional way. He argues some of what Einstein proposed is incorrect and in order to undo his flawed work, we need to go back to an earlier time period and see what can be derived from older theories. One of the goals of modern physics is to "unify the forces", ie, define a single theorem which includes all the forces observed in nature. This idea is controversial with many people claiming to have already done it, but no unified field theory has yet been accepted by academia. Roger Anderton believes that Roger Boscovich who died in 1787 was well on the way to defining a unified field theory. Are discoveries in Physics being hidden?

Richplanet Energy Research

Show No. 08

There are many inventors who claim to have produced over unity devices. The term over unity is derived by comparing the energy put in to a system with the energy produced by a system. If we divide the "energy out" by the "energy in" we get the ratio of the two. Traditional science dictates this figure should always be 1 or less than 1, 1 being "unity". An over unity device has an energy ratio of higher than 1, meaning the system is generating more energy than is being put in. Many inventors claim to have produced devices which achieve "over unity", but it appears none of these devices are in common use. Some claim they have all been suppressed, but others claim they do not work. Richplanet is launching a project to try and find answers to the over unity claims by building our own machines.

Formation of Planets - A New Theory

Show No. 09

Geology and planetary science have given explanations for the creation of the Earth. Allegedly 4 billion years ago there was a hot mass of material which gradually formed into the Earth and cooled over millions of years. New evidence may suggest the Earth may have been completely different in its early stages. Today's programme explores a theory put forward by researcher Peter Woodhead who suggests a completely different sequence of events to arrive at today's Earth. The theory seems to tie many loose ends together, such as "where did the oceans come from", "why do planets become gas giants", "why do the continents fit together", "was gravity lower in the time of the dinosaurs" and "is gravity what we think". Andrew Johnson has worked with Peter Woodhead to help derive equations to explain how gravity works in this new model. They have authored two papers on the new theory.

Crop Circles & Energy Weapons

Show No. 10

Andrew Johnson joins Richard to discuss his latest research. Dr Wood's book, "Where Did the Towers Go" shows that the twin towers were disappeared using an energy weapon. One of the peculiarities of the 9/11 aftermath was the presence of iron micro-spheres. These are tiny spheres of pure iron found in the dust, which, if the official story is true should not be there. Iron micro-spheres of about the same size have also been discovered in the ground by scientists where crop circles have formed. Is it possible there is a link between the creation of unexplained crop circles and the energy weapon used to destroy the world trade centre? Further evidence also points to a possible link between the 9/11 weapon and crop circle formation. Could this link provide a long awaited explanation for many of the non planked (sometimes called "genuine") crop circles?

Dying of Ignorance

Show No. 11

Having blind faith in your doctor could be a dangerous thing. Most people don't realise that G.P.s rarely read research papers carried out in medical research. They merely follow guidelines handed down to them by "the profession". In many respects your G.P. is just a minion following a diagnosis / treatment flowchart that they never question. So this sort of system is no good at rooting out falsehoods, or incorporating new ideas. In fact advice from a doctor could put you in an early grave. People are taught from a young age never to question the advice of a doctor. If you want to improve your health and your chances of living a long and healthy life, then carrying out your own research is essential. In this show we discuss AIDS and HIV, cancer, vaccines and diabetes. Prepare to have your beliefs changed.

The Electric Universe

Show No. 12

I've been meaning to cover the electric universe for some time now. Adrian Gilbert organised an electric universe conference in Bath earlier this year. Here is a brief overview of what the electric universe is : "In the wake of recent discoveries, a new way of seeing the physical universe is emerging. The new vantage point emphasizes the role of electricity in space and shows the negligible contribution of gravity in cosmic events. Images returned by high-powered telescopes and recent space probes have challenged astronomers long-standing assumptions about galaxies and their constituent stars, about the evolution of our solar system, and about the nature and history of Earth. The new discoveries also suggest that our early ancestors may have witnessed awe inspiring electrical events in the heavens - the source of myths and symbols around the world." - Prepare to rip up your science books. How much of the electric universe science, is already accepted in the black world behind a veil of secrecy?

Sacred Medicine

Show No. 13

Today Richard speaks to alternative health advocates Danielle and Lloyd Bryant who have been running their small business selling alternative health products for over 15 years and over that time period have researched many different products and practices aimed at promoting good health. Early in 2019 they discovered the work of Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer (1935-2017), and were so impressed by his findings about what cancer and 'disease' really are, they set about learning everything they could about his work. Dr Hamer was a medical doctor who was in charge of cancer patients in the 1970s and 1980s. In 1978 when he was 43 his 19 year old son was shot and killed. Shortly after his son died, Dr Hamer was diagnosed with testicular cancer. Hamer was a healthy man who had not suffered health issues previously, and wondered whether his cancer could have been caused by the psychological conflict shock that he endured following his sons death. He set about using his own cancer patients to conduct research and find out the answer to this question. He discovered that ALL cancers and many other so called 'disease' are caused or triggered in the psyche. The role of the brain and the psyche is the most important element in understanding so called 'disease'. Danielle remarked, "How on Earth have we not come across this work before now", and "finding out about Dr Hamer's work has more or less taken over our lives".

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