• Finding the Secret Space Programme
The “Space Age” began in 1957 and since then, we are told, missions have studied all the planets in the Solar System. Most people believe that one of the greatest technological achievements happened in 1969, when Neil Armstrong allegedly walked on the surface of the Moon. The last Apollo mission ended in 1972 and later manned space missions never travelled beyond low earth orbit, despite enormous advances in many technologies. This book considers the works of Dr Paul La Violette and Defence Journalist Nick Cook regarding antigravity research in the aerospace industry and elsewhere. It analyses the statements of certain whistleblowers, who claim to have worked on covert propulsion and energy technology programmes. The Apollo programme and its background are also studied in some depth, along with claims and statements made by some of the Apollo astronauts. Is it true that exotic propulsion technologies have been successfully developed and deployed, as part of a secret space programme - and comprehensively hidden from public view, using sophisticated methods? After more than 14 years of ongoing research, collected together here, probably for the first time anywhere, are referenced images, quotes analysis and commentary. A study of this evidence should help us to remove what Neil Armstrong referred to as “Truth’s Protective Layers.”

Finding the Secret Space Programme

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