• Moses in the Hieroglyphs
The Egyptian Hieroglyphs are mentioned in a British Record of around one thousand years ago. There is mention of a base connection between the Egyptian Hieroglyphs and the ancient Khumric (Cymry Welsh) language. The Welsh language is the only one in the world never to be tested in use of translating the ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs. This is strange because the Khumry (Welsh) are the Ten Tribes who were originally in Egypt before Moses led them out. It stands to reason they would have left traces of their language in ancient Egypt, and they did. This book shows the astounding results achieved by using the Welsh Khumric language to correctly translate Egyptian Hieroglyphs, clearly showing all the major Biblical characters including Moses, Joseph, Solomon, Queen of Sheba, and even the most elusive of Pharaohs, Alexander the Great and his burial place.

The fact that Champollion got it wrong means there are a vast amount of mistranslations and this is worrying, because Egypt has been used as the basis for the chronology of other countries, resulting in mysterious "dark ages" of several hundred years.

When the correct language is used to translate the Hieroglyphs there are no dark ages, and history fits perfectly.

Book contains 498 pages and was their 7th book, published in 2006.

Moses in the Hieroglyphs

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