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Apollo Conspiracy

Show No. 01

Anyone who is convinced rockets got man to and from the surface of the moon should not dismiss today's show. There seem to be some glaring pieces of evidence which are beyond dispute that cast massive doubt over whether the Apollo technology actually landed on the lunar surface. That is not to say there may be a secret space programme using something other than rockets which has travelled much further. Are we to believe that the rocket technology developed from the 1940's is still the only thing capable of getting a vehicle into space? Were the Apollo and Space Shuttle programmes just something to put on public show while the elite continued anti-gravity development in secret? Mainstream documentaries on such issues do not present the best evidence and are not independently produced therefore cannot be trusted.

Ask the Astronauts

Show No. 02

Following on from last weeks show we look at some of the Apollo astronauts and ask whether their statements make sense. Their behaviour and body language at the Apollo 11 press conference was very strange. They looked extremely uneasy and Armstrong looked like he was on drugs. Another astronaut who could be something more than he seems is Dr Edgar Mitchell. Mitchell is alleged to have threatened the inventor Bruce De Palmer with getting his head blown off. Mitchell has also made very strange statements about not being able to recall what it was like to walk on the moon. Several people claim there are bases on the moon and that astronauts saw "other" craft on the moon and were frightened by them. In conclusion NASA cannot be trusted.

Andrew Johnson, is there Life on Mars?

Show No. 03

When NASA admit that life does exists outside planet Earth, this is the thin end of a very large wedge. They discovered life on Mars in 1976 with the Viking mission and have discovered evidence of life in subsequent missions. NASA however have never officially admitted it discovered life, and continues to cover up indisputable evidence that life exists on Mars. When this becomes widely accepted as fact, Earth is then no longer the biological centre of anything, it is just a tiny colony among billions of others. Once this is accepted as fact, people will look to the Universe for the answer to the meaning of life, something which the holders of power are terrified of. Did our planet completely independently manifest life? or are we just part of a chain which started elsewhere? Darwinism is being pushed heavily in the mainstream, I wonder why?

Andrew Johnson, Comets & Catastrophes

Show No. 04

Continuing the theme of exploration of space, Andrew Johnson gives his views on other celestial bodies in the solar system. Comets have been recorded throughout the ages and mystery still surrounds how they come to be. Evidence suggests scientists have ignored certain data about comets, primarily that comets are not made of ice. It seems, from evidence available, comets could be made of compounds which were once part of planets. Some researchers propose that celestial bodies such as comets have an electric charge. The role of electricity or charge in the formation of the universe is largely ignored by mainstream science, but might be fundamental to explaining the universe. Does it represent an undiscovered source of energy which could be tapped into? Does Planet X exist?, is a false flag event around the corner?

The Secret Space Fleet

Show No. 05

I have mentioned the TR3B before. This is an alleged top secret aircraft or "space vehicle" which has some quite incredible abilities. The source of the information is Edgar Fouche who started making public disclosures in 1998 after retiring from his job as an avionics engineer. So far his claims and disclosures have not been given the coverage which they undoubtedly deserve. Fouche has hundreds of official USAF documents to back up his claims. If he is correct, and I suspect he is, then the U.S. have a secret space fleet consisting probably of dozens of 600 feet wide flying triangles, which can go to and from space with ease, travel at Mac 9 in any direction, traverse the solar system and even land on neighbouring planets. As Ed says in his 1998 presentation regarding the space shuttle programme "THE JOKE IS ON US", we have all been fooled.

The Mars Rover Hypothesis

Show No. 06

In today's show Richard discusses a hypothesis that the Mars exploration rovers currently claimed to be on Mars, never left the Earth. Several landers and rovers have allegedly landed on the surface of Mars starting in 1976 with the Viking mission. Before you dismiss this, we suggest you study all the evidence put forward in the hypothesis. Several photographs which can be found on NASA's own website claiming to be taken from Mars seem to show objects commonly found on the Earth such as a lemming, a lump of wood and a bone to name just a few. Andrew Johnson and Douglas Gibson discuss the evidence which could point to one almighty hoax.  We also look at images which seem to show evidence of moisture, which apparently doesn't exist on Mars due to the very low atmospheric pressure. We also take a look at the very enigmatic organisation, The Mars Society - who are not a company, nor a charity, but a "not for profit" organisation. Why do we need an autonomous "society" to do field research pertaining to Mars Rovers? - Could it be that NASA need some plausible deniability if their fraud is ever discovered? Who is Robert Zubrin? and does he really believe that rockets can get Man to Mars, or is he part of something more sophisticated? - There are more questions than answers with the Rover Missions, it's just a pity NASA don't seem to like providing answers to very simple questions.

The Aldebaran Project

Show No. 07

This week we talk to Derek Willis who developed his own rockets in the 1990's. One of the rockets he built and launched achieved an altitude of 5km. Strange things then started to happen and his ambition to launch his own rockets into Earth orbit was thwarted. Following this Derek was approached by a publisher and asked to write a book about the history of rocketry and space flight. While researching this book he came across "myths" about spacecraft being sent to Earth from the star Aldebaran thousands of years ago. He then set about searching for evidence which might shed light on these myths and has written a hypothesis entitled "The Aldebaran Project". In the hypothesis he proposes that an ancient alien satellite may still orbit the Earth and he intends to launch a mini satellite to try and observe it and prove the hypothesis.

Carl James talks about Stanley Kubrick

Show No. 08

In previous shows we have discussed the moon landings and the many problems with the official story. In this weeks show we look in a bit more depth at the person who is often cited as being the film director of the hoaxed moon landings. Carl James has found out a considerable amount about Stanley Kubrick and reveals many pieces of circumstantial evidence which seem to point to Kubrick's possible involvement. This is a subject which mainstream media never represents correctly and even uses shills in attempts to ridicule moon hoax researchers, whose best evidence is usually ignored. Carl James is the author of "Science Fiction and the Hidden Global Agenda", which examines the role of science fiction in the shaping of public perception. Carl James continues next week talking about Star Trek.

Where are the Mars rovers?

Show No. 09

What is the basis of your beliefs? Do you believe something because somebody tells you it is true? Do you believe something because official sources tell you it is true? Or do you believe something because evidence shows it to be true? If you believe things because evidence shows them to be true, then I would contend you should not believe any of the Mars rovers are on Mars. There is no sound evidence that I have managed to find which convinces me that any of the alleged unmanned Mars vehicles ever went anywhere near Mars. There is lots of evidence, however, that those very "space" vehicles may have been taking photographs of the Earth since 1976. Andrew Johnson joins Richard once again to go through the newly updated Mars rover hypothesis. We also discuss a theory on how the hoax may be being orchestrated.

Analysing The Astronauts

Show No. 10

It's one small step for man, one giant lie for mankind. If you cling to the notion that humans went anywhere near the Moon in 1969 then pay attention to today's show. New analysis of the words of the most famous astronauts will leave most people in no doubt they are both liars. Attempts have been made to sideline moon hoax evidence. Moon landing mythologists will (rightly) argue that if photographs were filmed on Earth, that does not prove they never went. But it's far less reasonable to use this argument about the astronauts own words, which reveal that neither of the Apollo 11 "moonwalkers" make any linguistic connection with having been on the lunar surface. Once this new analysis is realised with other well established evidence, only those with severe delusional psychosis will now believe that Armstrong went anywhere near the Moon.

Space : The Final Frontier

Show No. 11

Not many of us spend too much time considering what is out there in space. But when you realise that the Earth is less than a speck of dust in the grand scheme of everything, it is surely important to find out what is out there. It might teach us more about ourselves and how we came to be in our present form. However the subject of "space exploration" is now very murky, it being difficult to know what is true about space exploration, what is lies and what may have been covered up. Richard attempts to shine a light on these 3 areas, the conclusions are staggering if you are somebody that merely buys into the paradigm sold to you by the likes of NASA and other official agencies. This lecture ties together the fake with the un-disclosed, and hopefully will bring some clarity to the subject.

Finding The Secret Space Programme

Show No. 12

In today's show Richard starts by giving some feedback on the previous show (no. 263). Two complicated subjects were raised : cryprocurrencies and what was the function of the Giza pyramids. Viewers raised very interesting points. In the main part of the show Andrew Johnson talks about his research into the secret space programme. Is it true that exotic propulsion technologies have been successfully developed and deployed, and hidden from public view? Is it true that silent spacecraft, which would make rockets look like a horse and cart, are being flown from Earth in a secret space fleet? When you consider all of the evidence in Andrew Johnson's book the answer is affirmative. Once you get to grips with the subject, certain high profile UFO cases, it seems, become easier to explain. The cover up of hidden propulsion technologies is wide ranging and sophisticated. Those running the show certainly seem to have "got their act together".

Secrets in the Solar System

Show No. 13

Andrew Johnson talks about his book "Secrets in the Solar System". He has been collecting images taken by space probes throughout the solar system for many years, and unlike NASA he likes to write about and study the most interesting and inexplicable anomalies. There are many unusual photographs taken by lunar (moon) orbiters, some which suggest possible artificiality, i.e. possible archaeology on the surface of the moon. The images made available so far taken by Mars orbiters show much stronger, beyond reasonable doubt evidence, that an advanced race once inhabited the planet. There is much archaeology on Mars if you care to look past the official obfuscation. It is disgusting that whoever controls NASA decided to cover up the most significant discovery of the 20th century - that of intelligent life on another planet. With the help of Arthur C. Clarke, Carl Sagan, Brian Cox, Elon Musk and many others they have been putting out dis-information for decades in order to keep the secrets of our solar system within an elite clique. These dubious characters are following a decision which decrees that you, being a mere serf of this planet are nowhere near important enough to know about these discoveries.

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