• Your Thoughts Are Not Your Own - Vol 1, by Neil Sanders

Volume One details the facts and disclosed evidence of mind control programmes and experimentation performed by governments and government agencies across the world.



The TavistockInstitute

LSD Hypnosis


Manchurian candidates

Mind control victims

The use of children in mind control

School shootings

Psychotronic devices

Your Thoughts Are Not our Own : Volume One reviewed in Nexus Magazine.

In the first volume of Your Thoughts Are Not Your Own, Neil Sanders exposes the evidence for officially sanctioned mind control programs. Sanders has degrees in psychology, film and media studies and is a qualified hypnotherapist. He’s spent years collecting and analysing declassified documents, scientific papers, court transcripts, confessions from doctors and testimony from victims and whistleblowers. Sanders traces the start of the modern era of mind control to work conducted by the forerunner of the Tavistock psychological think tank: The Tavistock Clinic in London, which studied trauma effects and human breaking points during and after World War I. He examines the origins, objectives and architects of mind control programs, names key doctors who have worked in them and gives details of their methods including psychotropic drugs, torture, implants, hypnosis and psychotronic and microwave weaponry. He also presents the tragic stories of CIA MK ULTRA victims recruited as children to become “presidential model” sex slaves, the evidence for programmed assassins and the anomalies surrounding school shootings, spree killings and serial murders – many perpetrators having been brought up on military bases known to have centres for mind control research.

This book is not meant to frighten us. Sanders sees fear as a key aim of “the controllers” to keep us frozen in our tracks. He urges us to wake up and reappraise what’s going on from an informed perspective.

Your Thoughts Are Not Your Own - Vol 1, by Neil Sanders

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