• The Mars Rover Hypothesis

A Hypothesis : The Opportunity and Curiosity Mars Rovers are Situated on Earth

By Richard D. Hall, research by Douglas Gibson & Richard D. Hall

The hypothesis may seem preposterous to anyone who is not familiar with the evidence contained within this document, therefore I would encourage readers to consider ALL of the evidence contained herein before dismissing the hypothesis.  Evidence for the hypothesis comes from analysis of data which has been published primarily by NASA.  If the hypothesis can be proven, the implications are very serious for mankind, which are discussed in the final chapter.  The purpose of the document is to stimulate a public debate on the issue and stimulate further research which can establish whether the hypothesis is true.  The issue was first brought to my attention by researcher Douglas Gibson of London, who approached me on 3rd August 2014 when I was giving a lecture in London at the Crown Moran Hotel in Cricklewood.  In the short time available Douglas explained his hypothesis and also outlined some of the evidence he had been studying.  Douglas has a degree in biochemistry and also interests in aviation, astronomy and theosophy.  A few weeks later I visited Douglas in London to go through his evidence in more detail.  After this meeting, I came to the view that some of the evidence is quite compelling and decided the best way forward was to produce a document which sets out the hypothesis and contains all the relevant information.  It is intended that the document evolves through several revisions as material is evaluated and discussed by all parties concerned.  

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The Mars Rover Hypothesis

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