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Tony Kilvert on Hidden Knowledge & The Pyramids

Show No. 01

Tony Kilvert has been researching hidden knowledge for 10 years. Secret societies are believed to hide information from our distant past. Many think the information pertains to hidden technologies which although ancient, i.e. pre Egyptian, were advanced and worked in a fashion not understood by modern day scientists. One of the technologies were the pyramids themselves. Tony met a man claiming to be a member of the Knights Templar and was told what the pyramids were like when they were "functioning". Also discussed is Tony's belief that the Ark of The Covenant was/is a piece of advanced energy technology similar to John Searls SEG generator. Tony believes these technologies were deliberately hidden from mankind at some point in time and that secret groups know about them and may even keep them.

The Story of The Stone of Destiny

Show No. 02

English monarchs throughout history have been coronated sitting on top of a large stone known as the coronation stone. This stone is called various other names including The Stone of Destiny, The Stone of Scone, Jacobs Pillar, and the stone of Bethel. The stone has been used throughout history by various civilizations on which to crown their monarchs. It is spoken about in the Bible and is known as Jacobs pillar. This is a very early part of the Bible and dates back to around 2000 B.C. Amazingly the stone was stolen from Westminster Abbey in 1950, and a fake one returned a few months later. This fact leads to questions about the legitimacy of the current English monarch Elizabeth. Does the fact she was coronated on a fake stone mean she is not the Queen?

The Forensic Historians - A Treacherous Act

Show No. 03

A new six part series following the work of author/historians Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett. The nine books they have so far researched and published document over 30 years of forensic historical investigation into ancient history. Their findings are controversial, which seem to be hugely feared by figures within academia, some of whom are Professors yet have no qualifications. They have suffered multiple smear campaigns, apalling corruption and even murder attempts. This series documents their struggle to get the truth out and into offical channels. We also look into their groundbreaking findings, some of which mean history needs to be re-written. They started out searching for King Arthur and found more than they bargained for. They are willing to co-operate with academia.

The Forensic Historians - Attacking The Messengers

Show No. 04

Part two of a series of six programmes following the work of historical reasearchers and authors Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett. In this programme Alan explains various attempts to smear their work and their reputations in the media with a series of criminal acts against them. It is hard to dispute they successfully discovered the burial site of King Arthur II. Having stated that St Peters Church was probably the place of Arthurs grave, they bought the ruined Church and then excavated the site. One of the artifacts found at the site was a solid electrum cross with the inscription "For the Soul of Arthur", which has been dated to approximately the 6th century. At that site a large ancient stone with the inscription "Rex Artorius" was also found.

The Forensic Historians - Corruption in Cardiff

Show No. 05

Part three of a series of six programmes following the work of historical reasearchers and authors Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett. Following on from Part 2, the list of attempts to smear these researchers is endless. What is presented in this show and the previous two charts only some of the ordeals they have endured. The Welsh Arts Council, South Wales Police, the Welsh Media and other quangos are rotten to the core and have carried out criminal deeds to smear the work of Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett. Also revealed in this episode is the identity of an MI5 low level "underbelly scum" who should have been put behind bars decades ago but has immunity due to his links. If you know of him or his whereabouts we would like to know so we can report him to the Police.

The Forensic Historians - King Arthurs Grave

Show No. 06

Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett have uncovered physical evidence of two King Arthurs. The latter day stories of King Arthur have pushed two very real Kings together into one mighty mythical character. Wilson and Blackett in their detective work have specified a dynasty of 80 British Kings, two of whom were called Arthur separated by 6 generations. Once they had pin point St Peters Church (North East of Bridgend in South Wales) as the most likely resting place of King Arthur II, they bought the building and carried out an excavation. It's impossible to state they are wrong in their conclusions when you discover what was found during their excavation. Academia "Are you watching?". Anyone in academia who wishes to assist or be involved with Wilson & Blacketts research please get in touch with them.

The Forensic Historians - Hidden Heritage of Britain

Show No. 07

In this installment Alan Wilson examines the true origins of ancient British History. Tracing the British race back to Brutus and earlier. Wilson and Blackett claim that the ancient Welsh people, the Cymric were originally called the Khumry who were the lost tribes of Israel. Incredibly they also claim to have deciphered "undecipherable" Etruscan inscriptions because the alphabet is an older version of the Coelbren alphabet used by ancients in Britain. They also claim to have used this language to allow them to interprate evidence indicating the tribes brought the Ark of The Covenant to Britain where it may still reside and they believe they know where it is. In addition they have pinpointed a place where they claim the Holy Cross (Christ's cross) is hidden behind a wall in a Welsh hillside.

Alan Wilson talks about his Historical Books

Show No. 08

In the final part of "The Forensic Historians" Alan Wilson talks about their books. These books cover over 30 years work of detailed historical research, starting with the search for King Arthur and ending up in ancient Egypt. The series has been very well received and there are a number of "issues" and research opportunities which Richplanet TV will be covering in the not too distant future. Certain truths still remains covered up and we are helping Alan and Baram to uncover them in their fascinating journey of truth. Alan and Baram will be persuing the opportunities that have been thrown up out of adversity, and will hopefully soon be fully vindicated for their incredible discoveries.

State sponsored murder attempts & cover up

Show No. 09

An update on the situation being endured by historians Wilson and Blackett, who have suffered years of state sponsored intimidation in attempts to silence their discoveries. We appeal to any decent people within Northumbria Police to come forward and blow the whistle on the MI5 infiltrators who have forced Northumbria Police to pervert the course of justice in a case of attempted murder.

King Arthur's Burial Site

Show No. 10

We have extensively covered the work of Wilson and Blackett who have found indisputable evidence of the resting place of King Arthur. In today's show we present 5 more experts (one from Cardiff University) and all agree, King Arthur rests in Wales and lived in the 6th century. The original British people are not Saxon, Roman, Norman, Viking nor Celtic. The term Celtic was invented in 1714 to put a name to the groups of people whose true history they wanted to hide. A Kingdom existed in the British Isles long before any of these groups arrived and a long line of Kings has been traced by Wilson & Blackett. Arthur and his predecessors represent the original British sovereign line. Because of this, the current monarchy (who are German) destroyed the teaching of Welsh history. This is why the establishment will not look at the findings in today's show and why MI5 have helped to cover it up.

Hidden Welsh Archaeology

Show No. 11

Anthony Williams has been researching the archaeology of Garndiffaith and surrounding areas since the 1980's. His friend Dennis Nash was working on a building site as a labourer in Garndiffaith in 1968. Whilst digging the foundations for new council housing, Denis and his workmates uncovered a huge lead slab buried several feet under the ground. The slab was positioned over the apex of a uniform stone structure which resembled an ancient pyramid. Until now this incredible story has been kept from public view. In this programme Dennis and Anthony examine maps of the local area looking for clues to the ancient archaeology of this mysterious site. Anthony is seeking permission to have the area excavated in an attempt to discover what could be records of some of the oldest known civilisations in Britain.

The Man Who Found King Arthur's Cross

Show No. 12

We have covered the subject of King Arthur and Wilson and BLackett in some detail in previous shows. One of the most compelling pieces of evidence so far discovered is the electrum burial cross found by Richard Melbourne in 1990. It was widely believed that Richard Melbourne had passed away, but I recently discovered he is still alive. Richard took me to the exact spot where the King Arthur cross was excavated at St Peters-Super-Montem in Glamorgan. If this discovery had been made anywhere except Wales it would have been trumpeted far and wide and people would come from all over the world to see it. There are many important archaeological sites in Wales, few of which have been recognised let alone excavated. Also in Today's show Richard visits Ynys-y-bwl (again) to see if the farmers have come out of their sleep.

Freedom of Speech

Show No. 13

I speak to Tony Bennett about government attempts to bring in legislation to limit freedom of speech under the guise of "extremism". They have not provided a satisfactory definition of what they mean by extremism. If you want to make a law against something it must be clearly defined. Tony looks back in history to explain how the concept of freedom of speech developed.

Dangerous History

Show No. 14

Richard speaks to Adrian Gilbert about his latest book "The Blood of Avalon". The book continues on from his earlier work with historians Wilson and Blackett about the real King Arthur in South Wales. He has made some incredible discoveries independent of Wilson and Blackett which provide further evidence that the famous King Arthur legend does in fact originate in Glamorgan. By analysing various place names he has pin pointed the actual location of the Grail Castle spoken of in Arthurian legend. He also explains that the name of the church which Wilson and Blackett excavated in 1990, where Arthurian artefacts were found, is named after Bedivere, one of Arthur's knights. This area is known in legends as Avalon, and was able to hold onto its original history for many years due to the fact that the land remained for centuries outside of Norman rule. Adrian explains how blood lines are crucially important when making a claim to the throne. The Holy Grail Arthurian bloodline could present a major threat to the current royal bloodline of the UK, which might explain the attempts to bury Wilson and Blackett and their research - and why someone in 2011 detonated a bomb strategically placed under Baram Blacket's bed.

Pyramid Function

Show No. 15

Richard speaks to Adrian Gilbert about his book The Orion Mystery. The ancient Egyptians were interested in the stars and revered very specific parts of the cosmos. But revere is probably not the right word, because that just suggests they were worshipping parts of the cosmos. It is possible they were interacting with their chosen part of the sky, which might have involved two way communication or even a form of travel. Could this explain how ancient knowledge and wisdom was introduced to the Earth? To say the Egyptians were practicing "religion" is probably not accurate in the way we think of religion today. Did they know how to bring about out of body experiences and separate souls from bodies? Did they have mastery over their souls and is this linked in some way to the function of the great pyramids? Are the great pyramids a form of power plant?

Britains Hidden History

Show No. 16

In today's show I talk to Ross Broadstock who has been promoting the work of historical researchers and authors Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett. Wilson and Blackett suffered years of intimidation when they were publishing books about King Arthur and British history from around 1980. These historians have never been tied to any academic establishment which means they've always been free to go where others have feared to tread. Much of their work and findings you will not find being taught in school or university history lessons. Ross Broadstock has worked tirelessly over the last four years to make Wilson and Blacketts books available via the website BritainsHiddenHistory.co.uk. He has also had some of their work re-published and helped them publish new books containing research which is only now seeing the light of day. Historical claims are often difficult to verify or prove, and healthy debate continues about many of these subjects. The problem with mainstream history institutions is they refuse to look at new claims and evidence which might cause them to have to re-evaluate preconceived histories. I am sure there will be many different opinions about the claims made in today's show, which Ross Broadstock welcomes on his Youtube channel Britain's Hidden History.

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