• Of Course I'm Anti-Psychiatry Aren't You?

Psychiatry is the only branch of medicine to be dogged by an unshakable nemesis: anti-psychiatry.Many psychiatrists readily admit to the sickening deeds of their predecessors, but are much less willing to confront the flawed practices of the present. Meanwhile, day-by-day around the world, the anti-psychiatry voice is gaining strength and growing in confidence. But why areever-greater numbers of people beginning to speak out against psychiatry? What does it mean to be anti-psychiatry in the 21st Century? The answers are complex, deep-rooted and tricky to excavate - a job for a creature with an elongated snout, formidable fore-claws, fearsome spirit… and a fondness for honey ants. Step forward Auntie Psychiatry.

70 pages

35 full colour cartoons

Of Course I'm Anti-Psychiatry Aren't You?

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