• The Satanic Protocol

Criminality in the Secret State - revealed as never before

Paperback, 314 pages

There is an Evil in British Society that has been difficult to comprehend until now, and that only a few could contemplate.

There is a theory that Government – being the Legislature – is by definition incapable of criminal infiltration leading to a disregard for Civil Rights and Criminal Abuse of the System.

The Satanic Protocol reveals this Theory to be untenable; conspiracy and organized criminality is practised on an astonishing scale. Serious criminality exists and it is routinely perpetrated by the M I 5 underbelly with only quasi mythical status. Nefarious activities range from falsification of computer file records to murder most foul.

This book EXPLOSIVELY REVEALS the covert forces “the secret service” and their gross abuse of our democratic lawful system. Factual accounts of their “elite-hunting” power trips, targeting innocent British citizens and corrupting the Judiciary and the Police, often for corporate business interests – intending to conceal and/or to control.

The shadowy conspirators of the “secret service” - aka Spooks, 'little johns', or poison dwarves, are skilful tricksters, often with access to military personnel, and M I 5 and M I 6, to supposedly foresee internal and external National security. They prey upon and capitalise on the HUMAN IMBECILITY FACTOR, routinely found in the many unsuspecting decent citizens, with cunning deceit, manipulation, and lies from the gutter of distortion. 

There can be no doubt that these official crooks will endeavour to use every means possible to suppress this book. They may try to use the 'Official Secrets Act', and employ all manner of sophisms and lies.

This Book is not libellous; it is true and it does NOT infringe the much quoted 'Official Secrets Act' ; it only exhibits the gross criminal abuse of power endemic in the Government SYSTEM.

The Satanic Protocol

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