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Since 2011, Richard D. Hall has undertaken UK wide annual speaking tours attempting to expose government cover ups and media propaganda.  Subjects have included Madeleine McCann, fabricated terrorism, UFOs, NASA, geopolitics, psychological operations and major world events.

This USB product contains over 30 hours of lectures from 2010 up to the present...

2010 Spring Lecture

Show No. 01

Animal Mutilation and the UK Government Cover Up .  In this 1 hour lecture Richard describes some of the evidence of animal mutilation in the UK. Animals are being found in various rural locations with surgical procedures having being carried out on their bodies. What is just as disturbing is that the UK Government have been attempting to cover up these attacks and hide them from the public for at least the last 13 years. In the second half of the lecture Richard describes the evidence that there is indeed a government cover up possibly being orchestrated from the highest levels. Don't miss the up coming documentary about a recent horse case from October 2010, to be screened on SKY Channel 201 on Friday 3rd December at 9:00pm.

2010 Summer Lecture

Show No. 02

The Information War.  Today's show features Richard D. Hall's presentation at the Leeds 2010 Exopolitics Conference. In the talk Richard argues that the war we are currently fighting (or at least should be fighting) is an "Information War". The main sources of news and information are controlled by just a few private companies and public bodies. 95% of the population are getting all of their information from the most unreliable source available to them: The Mainstream Media. The manipulation is sometimes subtle and well orchestrated and controls the minds of millions without their knowledge. In broadsheet and tabloid newspapers, television and radio news, the truth is just not being sought. Even the internet is under attack by the same group who already control the traditional media.

2011 Spring Lecture

Show No. 03

Seeing Through The Psy Ops.  Governments have still not made statements about the reality of the UFO and E.T. phenomenon, but instead have continued to allow the hierarchies which control them to confuse and mislead the vast majority of the population on this issue. In order to understand how this has been successfully achieved we must address some very uncomfortable truths. Psychological operations are one tool used by these hierarchies to mislead the public not just about UFO reality. The same techniques are now being used to hide the true source of modern day terrorism and promulgate the mythical organisation called Al Qaeda. Richard D. Hall makes the case in this lecture that ALL forms of media lies, psy-ops and manipulation need to be exposed before we can move closer to the day of official honest Disclosure.

2011 Summer Lecture

Show No. 04

Richard argues that the modern day terrorist threat is no more than a manufactured construct invented by the U.S. to allow the American military to expand its empire across the world. Exposing the series of recent so called terrorist attacks as "inside jobs" carried out by western intelligence agencies.   Also discussed is the possibility of a depopulation agenda and an expose of what could have been an attempt to murder over half of the worlds population using a bio weapon, and the BBC's point blank refusal to put out any information on the evidence surrounding this event.   In part two Richard puts forward the case that the current U.S. space programme including the international space station and the now "retired" space shuttle is a mere cover project to hide a far more comprehensive space programme being ran without democratic scrutiny. The technology that this space programme has been built on may have been back engineered from alien technology acquired by the U.S. government in the 1940s.

2012 Lecture

Show No. 05

Richard looks at mainstream media and the techniques it uses to trick and manipulate the public. The story of Iraqi deputy prime minister, Tariq al Hashimi, demonstrates that media reporting in the UK is neither balanced nor accurate. It is devised purely to support the specific agenda of imperial dominance. This tool (mainstream media) is being used by a small group pulling strings from behind the scenes. They deliberately employ journalists with no backbone nor capacity to critically analyse information. The controllers of these organisations, such as Rupert Murdoch have helped to cover up the murder of 56 innocent British people during the London bombings.

2013 Lecture

Show No. 06

Covering the methods our corrupt mainstream media use to trick and con the public and thus manage their perceptions.  In part 2 the story of forensic historians Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett is laid bare for all to see. Northumbria Police perverted the course of justice in an alleged attempted murder investigation, but this is just the tip of an iceberg of state corruption relating to Wilson and Blackett. The reasons why these historians have been targeted by a corrupt state, and the catalogue of incidents perpetrated against them demonstrates beyond doubt that dark forces lurk behind our puppet government.  In part 3 - the disturbing subject known as mind control. Richard discusses certain individuals who he believes were "Manchurian candidates " or mind programmed killers. Looking into the Raoul Moat shootings of 2010, the evidence and circumstances suggest Moat could have been a programmed killer, with PC David Rathband being the actual "target".

2014 Spring Lecture

Show No. 07

Analysis of video evidence of the “planes” on 9/11.  After watching, it becomes inescapable that real aeroplanes did not impact into the world trade centre towers.  Advanced technologies were employed both with the disappearance of the twin towers and with the plane images presented to us on our TV screens.  We look at an alternative theory behind the current “fracking” debate which might raise an eyebrow or two.  Analysis of UK “lone gunman” mass shootings including the Cumbria massacre.  We expose that Derrick Bird, a taxi driver, who is alleged to have killed 12 people was probably not acting alone that day.   In part two, historical evidence that King Arthur was a real person, who ruled over the South Wales region.  We report on the struggle to get this history accepted.

2014 Summer Lecture

Show No. 08

Some very sinister practices are being used within our media to subvert and demoralise society.  The most innocent of TV programmes contain subversive content.  Also discussed in this talk are the government’s new plans to make unnecessary new draconian laws to tackle the manufactured issue of “modern slavery”.  This is a classic Hegelian dialectic, and the new laws are soon to be rammed through parliament by our zombiefied politicians, who have no clue what is really going on.   In part 2 evidence of a secret space programme.  It might surprise you to learn that NASA has nothing to do with the real exploration of space.  The NSA and secret sections of the US Air Force have been developing secret spacecraft and satellites since at least the 1960’s.  Their technology makes the space shuttle look like an antique.  One of the secret spacecraft, the TR3B is alleged to operate using a plasma accelerator, which generates a magnetic vortex field of such intensity that it affects the surrounding gravitational field, thus providing propulsion. 

2015 Spring Lecture

Show No. 09

The most recent feature films from Richplanet are discussed in detail.  The first, an independent investigation into the 2010 Cumbria shootings, when an alleged lone gunman apparently killed 12 people on a rampage across west Cumbria.  The second film, a further expose of the Madeleine McCann issue, demonstrating we cannot now trust anything put out in our media.   In part two Richard talks about the much hyped Malaysian MH370 missing airliner.  By considering the geopolitical position of Malaysia on the world stage and also examining aircraft safety statistics we present a compelling case that the MH370 “disaster” was probably a planned psychological operation with the intention of dealing with the rogue state of Malaysia.   Finally, our research into NASAs alleged exploration of Mars using rovers and landers.  We managed to make contact with a senior member of the Mars rover programme who agreed to answer technical questions about the missions.      

2015 Autumn Lecture

Show No. 10

Filmed at the “UFO Truth Magazine” annual conference.  Richard talks about his investigations into bizarre animal disappearances and mutilations. 

2016 Lecture

Show No. 11

How much of mainstream media is genuinely event driven and how much is agenda driven? There is evidence that even natural disaster stories, which mainstream media claim are strongly linked to global warming may in fact be pre-planned events.   In the second part of the presentation Richard looks at some interesting new developments concerning NASA's alleged Moon and Mars missions. Some people believe the moon landing film footage was filmed in a studio on Earth and that film director Stanley Kubrick was the man who advised NASA on how to do this. Recent new information concerning the film "Capricorn One" seems to add weight to this argument. Also discussed is some new analysis on the Mars Rover mission images which again suggest the images may be being taken on the Earth, not on Mars as NASA claim.

2017 Lecture

Show No. 12

Exposing mainstream medias fake reality and how it creates false news in order to hide the most important questions and facts. This includes an introduction to Richards latest Madeleine film "Madeleine : Why the Cover Up?", and some opinion on the sheer breadth to which mainstream media is being used to cover up the truth about Madeleine McCann. A VERY big state secret must be being protected. The lectures contain some research into the Bridgend suicides with some shocking insights.   Peter Hyatt surprises himself when he analyses a 1970 interview given by Neil Armstrong and his alleged experience of walking on the moon.   We continue with our research into NATO and its alleged involvement in the targeting of UFOs. Many other subjects and issues are discussed.

2018 Lecture

Show No. 13

Over the last year Richplanet has been involved in investigating two very prominent UK assassinations, those of Jo Cox and Jill Dando.   In this lecture we cast a critical eye over the 2017 Manchester Arena "Attack".   In part two the subject changes to that of space exploration. Not many of us spend much time considering what is out there in space. But when you realise that the Earth is less than a speck of dust in the grand scheme of everything, it is surely important to find out what is out there. It might teach us more about ourselves and how we came to be in our present form. However the subject of "space exploration" is now very murky, it being difficult to know what is true about space exploration, what is lies and what may have been covered up. Richard attempts to shine a light on these 3 areas, the conclusions are staggering if you are somebody that merely buys into the paradigm sold to you by the likes of NASA and other official agencies.

2019 Lecture

Show No. 14

Reporting on a campaign launched by Richplanet to bring attention to MP's the evidence surrounding the Jo Cox "assassination".  Richard shares feedback he has had from MPs, plus an expose of a media psy op intended to obfuscate the Jo Cox evidence.   We also report on serious anomalies in relation to the 2017 Manchester Arena "terrorist" attack.  In part 2 a review of a vast amount of evidence relating to the animal mutilation phenomenon, and an attempt to define what is actually happening.  A very critical look at the cat mutilation phenomenon is also presented.

2020 Lecture

Show No. 15

Richard launches a book and film covering the 2017 Manchester Arena incident. A considerable amount of new information is revealed and analysis of some of the witnesses is undertaken.   Developments continue to unravel with regards the reported killing of MP Jo Cox and the innocent man who was allegedly convicted of her ‘murder’.  In part 2, some statement analysis is carried out by Peter Hyatt on Bob Lazar, the man who claimed to have worked at area 51 on flying disc technology. Was Lazar truthful?   A number of other topics are covered including the Rendlesham forest ‘UFO’ claims, and as usual Richard tries to bring some humour to these challenging topics.   

Compilation of lectures by Richard D. Hall

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