• 2011 Tour 2 DVD Box Set
Film in 2011 at The Grand Atlantic, Weston-Super-Mare, DVD Format PAL: 4:3, Region Free

In 2011 Richard D. Hall gave an annual lecture at several venues throughout the UK. This DVD was professionally filmed in Weston Super Mare at The Grand Atlantic Hotel.

Part 1 - Agendas of Man
In the first part Richard argues that the modern day terrorist threat is no more than a bogus construct invented by the U.S. to allow the American military to expand its empire across the world. One of the central strategies being used by this empire is "false flag terrorism". Richard exposes the series of so called terrorist attacks as being "inside jobs" carried out by western intelligence agencies. Also discussed is the possibility of a depopulation agenda and an expose of what could have been an attempt to murder over half of the worlds population using a bio weapon, and the BBC's point blank refusal to put out any information on this event.

Part 2 - Off Planet
In part two Richard puts forward the case that the current U.S. space programme including the international space station and the now "retired" space shuttle is a mere cover project to hide a far more comprehensive secret space programme being ran without democratic scrutiny. The technology that this secret space programme has been built on may well have been back engineered from alien technology acquired by the U.S. government in the 1940s. Further evidence of alien presence is also explored with the story of Dan Sherman who alleges he was used by the NSA as an intuitive communicator for extra terrestrial contact.

Approx Running Time : 2 1/4 hours

2011 Tour 2 DVD Box Set

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