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Containing 24 documentary films, which is ALL of the Richplanet films so far produced ...

Madeleine McCann Series

Show No. 01, The Initial Storm (2014)

Show No. 02, Dog’s Don’t Lie (2014)

Show No. 03, Private Investigations? (2014)

Show No. 04, Government Agents (2014)

Show No. 05, The Phantoms (2015)

Show No. 06, When Madeleine Died? (2016)

Show No. 07, Robert Murat (2017)

Show No. 08, Why The Cover Up? (2017)

Show No. 09, Embedded Confessions (2016)

The Gateshead Grey (2008)

Show No. 10

This full length documentary follows the amazing story of Robert Hall who claims was abducted by aliens in 1940 in Gateshead. Richard D. Hall (no relation) searches for answers and evidence in this incredible case.     

Silent Killers (2009)

Show No. 11

Richard D. Hall tackles the controversial subject of animal mutilation. What is animal mutilation? What could be causing it? Compelling, chilling and thought provoking documentary which could change your entire view of planet Earth. Following the work of David Cayton, Phil Hoyle and Mike Freebury.

Crop Circles The Hidden Truth (2010)

Show No. 12

Richard D. Hall's no nonsense expose of the facts behind the modern day crop circle phenomenon cuts through the pseudo science, the rumours and the disinformation leaving the viewer with a clear picture of the true situation. The film features the most objective British crop circle researchers in the business: David Cayton, Robert Hulse and Roy Dutton. Until now, their work has been kept largely out of the public eye, and is unleashed in this extremely telling and poignant documentary which leaves no stone unturned. The evidence presented will leave you in no doubt that there are two entirely exclusive instigators of the modern day crop circle phenomenon, one of which is non human. The results are chilling and could change your view of the way you see the world's media organisations and the powers that control them.

Almost Identified Flying Objects (2013)

Show No. 13

Since the summer of 2010 to the end of December 2012, the Richplanet.net website has received 350 UFO reports from members of the public. This film is a summary of the findings from these reports after detailed analysis and cross examining of witnesses. One of the most common objects reported is the "silent black triangle", which many witnesses describe as, "the size of a football pitch". By scrutinising witness's descriptions and looking at what has been documented by other researchers in the past, we can create a fairly accurate picture of the phenomenon as a whole. This film will leave you in no doubt whatsoever that totally silent aerial vehicles, which seem to defy our current understanding of propulsion are traversing many areas of the UK, on a fairly regular basis and are not being flown from UK military bases.

The Berwyn UFO Cover Up : Exposed (2011)

Show No. 14

One of the United Kingdoms most prominent and controversial UFO cases occurring in North Wales on 23rd January 1974. Even the most ardent sceptic researchers admit that the object observed by witnesses does not have a conventional explanation. It contains witnesses who have never given their account to any previous researcher or film. Provides compelling evidence that a well co-ordinated cover up was orchestrated from day one, the film also lays to rest the controversy over the alleged military activity on the night of the 23rd which sceptics have tried to deny. The evidence and scientific scrutiny in the film tells the story as it happened and provides a long overdue fair and balanced investigation, explaining in detail the most likely sequence of events on that highly unusual night.

UFOs and NATO (2014)

Show No. 15

The phenomenon of animal mutilation difficult to explain in conventional terms, and has been linked for decades with UFO's, because strange lights are sometimes witnessed in proximity to sites where animal carcases are found. But have human beings suffered similar attacks? This film attempts to answer this very controversial question. Rumours about human mutilation have circulated the UFO community for years with some people claiming to have had contact with a military group which is used to acquire the corpses of victims of human mutilation. In the film we reveal the testimony of a black ops soldier, who was employed by a secret NATO "find and secure" military team. Their job is to search for and then protect sites where human mutilation has taken place.    

Silent Killers in Sussex (2010)

Show No. 16

Another film that Showcase TV have decided not to air. It was intended to be included in the new 2015 Richplanet series for television. The show describes our investigation into the strange death and mutilation of a two year old gelding in Sussex. The injuries were very bizarre as is usual in animal mutilation cases. People who suggest this is satanic ritualists or pranksters cannot be serious when one considers the rectal core injury. What on earth would the perpetrators want with the cored out contents of an animals rectum? None of the bits that are surgically removed are ever found, including the blood. A wholly bizarre case which Mail Online put down to a "knife slasher", what planet are they on? To date we have still not been able to get hold of a copy of the post mortem report even though we were promised one by the horse owner.

Patsy Driver (2015)

Show No. 17

In June 2010 Cumbria suffered one of the worst criminal acts involving firearms in British history. Twelve people were killed and eleven injured at 24 shooting locations. The mainstream media rushed to Whitehaven the same day and had the entire case all wrapped up before the sun had set. They named the perpetrator as Derrick Bird, who they said was responsible for the entire massacre. It didn't take them long to then explain his motives, and it seemed there were many. This case immediately suggested to me there was more to these shootings than had been discovered. In December 2013 I started my own investigation, and I have now spoken to dozens of first hand witnesses. The film follows my search for the truth and, demonstrates major anomalies in the evidence which suggests there could be an entirely different motive for what happened that day.

Didcot Deception (2016)

Show No. 18

The Didcot murders happened on a Saturday afternoon on May 23, 2015. All four deaths occurred within the space of three hours. Three of the deaths occurred at a house in Didcot, then two hours later a fourth death occurred in a field in Oxford. As soon as the first story appeared in the media about the case, I knew something was not right with the circumstances and with the way the tragedy was being reported. There were no witnesses, nor was there a motive for any of the four deaths. Despite this, it did not take long before the media and the police were blaming one of the dead for the murder of the other three. After studying the case and after attending the official inquest, my suspicion was greatly increased due to the wholly unsubstantial and unconvincing evidence that was presented. This film is a result of my investigation and sheds light on what most likely occurred.

Kill Jill (2018)

Show No. 19

Following on from the success of his Madeleine McCann investigative films, Richard D. Hall turns his attention to the 1999 assassination of Jill Dando. There are many theories about why she was murdered, this film looks at all of them and brings comprehensive evidence to light, which was not considered by the official investigation. Richard D. Hall firmly believes the hunt for the killer was deliberately steered by British Intelligence, away from the true perpetrators. If the state become involved in a crime, then the police who are ran by the state will never be allowed to solve it. Prepare to open your mind and discover the truth behind one of the UK's most prominent unsolved murders.

Jo Cox : Exit From Brexit (2019)

Show No. 20

This film follows Richard D. Hall's investigation into the alleged murder of MP Jo Cox which happened on June 16th 2016. Following on from his initial findings presented in a lecture in April 2018, he has searched further for evidence and presents it here for the first time. The film proves beyond reasonable doubt that the official version of events is wholly untrue. Richard presents compelling evidence that the man blamed for the attack was a patsy and played no part in any murder, if indeed there was a murder. The film looks at all the CCTV evidence, witness testimony and physical evidence. Also featured are interviews with witnesses who have been kept out of mainstream media and were not asked to take part in the trial. The film suggests a plausible motive for a highly organised plot to remove Jo Cox from her position of MP. Her departure occurred just one week before the UK Brexit referendum and the film explains why this may have happened. This film contains extensive analysis by statement analyst Peter Hyatt.

Manchester – The Night of the Bang (2020)

Show No. 21

An independent forensic investigation of the 2017 Manchester Arena “bombing” incident. 14,000 Ariana Grande fans had just finished watching a concert, when a loud bang was heard coming from the arena foyer. The vast majority of people did not witness an explosion because the foyer is a separate enclosure unsighted from the main arena. Immediately after the bang, crowds flooded out of the arena, some of them in panic. The mainstream media quickly reported that a suicide bomber had detonated a “nuts and bolts” bomb in the centre of the foyer, which they quickly claimed killed 22 people and injured dozens more. Despite the foyer being comprehensively covered by CCTV cameras, to date (March 2020), no CCTV footage of the foyer area has been released for public scrutiny. Only 2 short pieces of video footage and one still photograph have surfaced showing the alleged aftermath within the foyer. Forensic examination of these videos and still image suggest they may have been produced 15 hours before the time of the alleged explosion! After March 2020, some CCTV footage and CCTV still images were released at the Public Inquiry. None of the images released show any casualty or dead body. Close scrutiny of first hand eye witness testimony and other evidence casts doubt on the official narrative and leads to the possibility that the event was a carefully stage managed exercise involving scores of enlisted participants. Richard D. Hall with help from two trusted researchers examines the evidence and builds a picture of what most likely occurred.

Johnny's Cash and the Smart Money Nightmare (2022)

Show No. 22

It is vital that every person understands what the proposed changes to the monetary system will mean. The changes, if allowed to happen, could be the most devastating event in our lifetime and potentially the biggest removal of liberty in modern history. NOTE : The news clips in this video are dramatisations using an actor.

Manchester on Trial (2023)

Show No. 23

Richard D. Hall's 2023 investigative film about the 2017 Manchester Arena incident. Note there has been a new section added to this film (on 21/11/23) (which is 5 minutes long) and starts at point 1hr, 3mins.

Manchester on Camera (2023)

Show No. 24

In this next instalment of Manchester Arena incident research, Richard examines the CCTV evidence produced by the public inquiry with a critical eye. The CCTV images and the public inquiry video testimonies provide a treasure chest of clues about the true nature of this incident. A CCTV viewing tool accompanies this film, which allows anyone to view the still images in time order and allows the user to use filters to select what images to display. The viewing tool provides for the first time the ability to make use of the CCTV images, which have been extracted from hundreds of PDF documents. Some of the findings in the images are very intriguing, and there may be more anomalies which viewers with a keen eye will find. Instructions on how to use the online tool are contained within the film. .

Compilation of investigative films

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