• Madeleine Booklet
The Madeleine Case Files

This booklet contains reports from the Portuguese police, reports on the dog searches of the McCanns' apartment and many other pieces of important evidence which has not been reported correctly in the British Media.

A. The 48 police questions that Dr Kate McCann refused to answer on 7 September 2007
B. The interim report of Tavares Almeida of the Portuguese Police, September 2007
C. The final report of the Portuguese Police, 20 June 2008
D. The report of the cadaver dog handler, Martin Grime, August 2007
E. The rogatory interview of Martin Grime, cadaver dog handler, 14 May 2008
F. Extracts from police interviews with Jane Tanner, the McCanns' friend who claimed to have seen the abductor.
G. The evidence of the Gaspars about Dr David Payne
H. The statements of Yvonne Warren Martin

Contains 108 pages.

Madeleine Booklet

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