• UFOs & the Mutilation Mystery



Ged Dunbar & Dale Bolton

Show No. 01

UFO researchers Dale Bolton and Ged Dunbar join Richard for a discussion on 3 very convincing UFO cases. Dale describes the 1967 case from Malmstrom nuclear weapons base in Montana. UFOs were spotted by multiple witnesses over the base. During this time the weapon launch systems became inactive. Ged Dunbar describes a case from 1986 where a Japanese pilot flying a 747 over Alaska witnessed massive UFOs flying alongside his aircraft for a significant period. He was able to provide detailed descriptions of the unidentified crafts and ground radar confirmed the pilots account was accurate. Finally Richard explains the Stephensville Texas case from 2008, when a 1000 foot wide object travelled for over an hour across the countryside witnessed by 5 radar stations and 18 observers including a police officer and a pilot.  Another case where a military helicopter was pulled upwards by a UFO, which was all tracked on radar. The 1942 "Battle of L.A.", which is the biggest mass UFO sighting in history. Last but not least the Aztec UFO case, where a disc was allegedly recovered in New Mexico in 1948 shortly after Roswell. It is the likes of the Aztec craft which U.S. back ops programmes derived technology for military advancement.

David Cayton talks about Animal Mutilation

Show No. 2

David Cayton joins us once again to talk about his 13 years of Animal Mutilation research. Since at least 1954 in the UK, animals have been found mutilated with totally inexplicable injuries on their bodies. Some sources, including Lt. Philip J. Corso who witnessed documents in the Pentagon, claim the attacks are being carried out by extra terrestrials. David and his APFU team have come across many barriers to their research, because the subject is without question being sensored and covered up by teams within our government.  Warning: This show is not for the squeamish!

Mark Hall attended the 2001 Disclosure Project Conference

Show No. 3

Mark Hall has been interested in UFOs for as long as he can remember. In 2001 he learned that the world was going to be told the truth about UFOs, so he got on a plane from Newcastle Upon Tyne to Washington DC to attend a momentus event. Marks photographs were featured in the UK "UFO Magazine" and he shares some of his own video footage on todays show. Not surprisingly, he was very inspired by the event endeavoured to set up a similar event in the UK. Mark has forged friendships with several key whistleblowers in the UFO field including Ed Fouche and Donna Hare.  The Disclosure Project was set up by Dr Steven Greer in the nineties and succeeded in encouraging military and intelligence witnesses to speak about their experiences with UFOs. Mark Hall attended the momentus conference in May 2001 at Washington D.C. where several of the witnesses gave their testimony. Many who attended the conference thought the world would change after that day. The worlds media failed to report the conference comprehensively to the dismay of many. How and when will UFO disclosure eventually occur?

Gary Heseltine

Show No. 4

Gary Heseltine is a detective in the British Transport Police. He has been researching UFOs since he witnessed one when he was aged 15. Hundreds of police officers in the U.K. have reported seeing UFOs, many of them with colleagues and some in broad daylight. As trained eye witnesses police officers have provided a very reliable source of information on UFOs. One slight problem however is that reporting of such incidents is not encouraged by the police force itself. In January 2002 Gary Heseltine launched PRUFOS (Police Reporting of UFO Sightings) database, which is an unoffical national police database of UFO sightings and cases. He also talks about the Rendlesham Forest UFO incident, which is approaching its 30th anniversary.

Roy Dutton, Astronautical Theory & Crop Circle Research

Show No. 5

Roy Dutton is an ex aeronautical engineer. In 1967 he started studying reported cases of "Strange Aerial Craft". Over a 40 year period he has applied his datailed knowledge of space aeronautics to correlate the data into a theory which attempts to explains the phenomenon. Roy contends that the UFOs often seen on or around Earth by witnesses are scout craft which originate from larger mothership type craft. These motherships use specific orbital paths over the Earth. His theory is derived by discovering patterns in the time and geographic location of sightings on Earth and correlating this with particular space paths around the Earth. The theory gives rise to timing charts which predict when a UFO sighting is more likely at particular points on the globe.

Roy Dutton has a very pragmatic approach to the crop circle mystery. He has applied mathematical techniques to explain how certain crop patterns are arrived at. One of the simplest patterns is often seen in small grape shot circles and has a very simple mathematical explanation. Roy has applied the same techniques to more complex circles and concludes that in certain crop circles, i.e. ones which are provably not made by stomping with planks of wood, an advanced piece of "line scanning" technology is being applied to create the patterns. Those that are skeptical of the crop circle phenomenon who believe all circles are made using planks of wood, are in fact victims of an MI5 sponsored psy-op campaign which gives money to the circlemakers to create hundreds of "man made" hoaxes, thus diverting attention away from the real unexplained phenomenon.

Scott Felton on UFOs  

Show No. 6

Scott Felton talks about how he became interested in the UFO subject.

Charles James Hall, ex USAF & his meetings with E.T.s

Show No. 7

In the 1960s Charles James Hall was a weather observer in the United States Air Force. He was stationed at Indian Springs in Nevada. He became aware of a base hidden in the mountains being used by a race of extra terrestrial which was known about by certain high ranking military officials.  Charles claims to have met 3 different races of extra-terrestrial. The first he describes as "tall whites" who were peaceful and use or used a base in the mountains near Indian Springs. Another race Charles mentions are "The Grays" and another race of human looking E.T.s he describes as "Norwegians with 24 teeth".

UFOs and The Bible

Show No. 8

Richard D. Hall trawls through the bible to find out what on Earth the ancient authors were referring to. Are these really "miracles", or could there be a far more plausible explanation bearing in mind what we know now.

Dave Hodrien talks about UFO & E.T. Contact Cases

Show No. 09

Over the past year Richplanet.net and Birmingham UFO Group have been collaborating with the collection of UFO sighting and contact reports. Dave Hodrien, who is chairman of the Birmingham UFO Group has been examining over 100 cases reported. Clearly some turn out to have mundane explanations, but by no means all. In addition to UFO sightings, Dave has also investigated alleged contact cases which will be discussed on next weeks show. With the MOD closing its UFO reporting desk, we have filled the gap and are probably investigating the cases more thoroughly than the MOD did! Dave is highly objective in his analysis and in this show highlights some of the more interesting cases.

Chairman of Birmingham UFO Group, Dave Hodrien joined Richard to discuss UFO sightings which have been reported over the last year. In this weeks show they discuss some of the many contact cases which have also been reported. It seems that the contact experiences are genuine, but the "perpetrators" have technology or techniques superior to our own which enables them to remain largely undetected. However, physical evidence such as body marks and implants point to a covert abduction programme on an unimaginable scale being carried out on a day to day basis here on Earth. Richard and David also discuss the possible motives for such a programme. We have had many more cases of both UFO sightings and contact cases since these shows aired.

Killers on the Moor

Show No. 10

Mike Freebury talks about his new book, Killers On The Moor. Mike has been researching unexplained animal deaths and injuries for over 10 years now. His book charts his observations and investigations of UK animal mutilation cases. In particular, Mike has focused on many of the unexplained Dartmoor sheep and pony cases. David Cayton also joins us for the discussion on the possible causes and explanations of this bizarre phenomenon. Both David and Mike are featured in the Richplanet film Silent Killers which was produced in 2009 and gives a broad overview the mutilations and the cover up which seems to be in place.

UFO researcher Scott Felton, set up by the Police

Show No. 11

The first part of this weeks show was aired earlier this year when Scott explained what first got him interested in UFOs. In part 2 Scott talks about a metal detecting club he ran in the 1990s, and an attempt by the authorities to frame him for a crime he did not commit. The reason for wanting to frame him is not exactly clear, but could be connected to his metal detecting activities and his interest in UFOs. The Police broke into his house and stole some UFO literature! - incredible.

D.C. Gary Heseltine talks about UFOs and the Media

Show No. 12

Detective Constable Gary Heseltine has been keeping a database of Police UFO cases since 2002. He spoke at the UK Exopolitics conference in Leeds, August 2011 about the Rendlesham Forest UFO incident where he gave an evidential review of the case. The review was the culmination of years of research into this high profile UFO case which took place in 1980 over a period of 3 evenings. Also discussed in the interview is the disgusting and pathetic coverage offered my mainstream newspapers such as "The Sun". Gary did a 40 minute interview with a Sun journalist at the Conference, only to find that they barely mentioned what he said in their ridiculous article. When will people wake up to the fact that "The Sun" is merely a tool to create public perception, not a "news" paper.

UFOs & The Secret Space Programme

Show No. 13

David Cayton and Richard Lennie join us for another audience discussion show. In part one we screen the incredible testimony of a Belgian radar expert, Professor Emile Schweitzer who came to the UK at the request of the British MOD to tell them about the dynamics of UFOs recorded on military radar in Belgium in 1990. His testimony is damning as it proves the MOD have lied about whether they have an interest in UFOs, they definitely do. In part two we discuss the latest developments in the Rendlesham UFO case and the new dis-information being published in mainstream media. In part three Richard Lennie joins the discussion to talk about night vision equipment and NASAs secret space programme.

UFO Reports From East Yorkshire

Show No. 14

In part one of the show Ben Emlyn-Jones returns to express his fears about the "Big Brother State". How long before the population is tagged with an injected chip containing a unique serial number which can be read from a satellite? In part two we venture to the Yorkshire Wolds in search of UFOs where hundreds of strange lights have been witnessed over the last 5 years. Are they military of something else? Paul Sinclair has been observing these lights for years and does not think they are connected to the military. Farmers in the area believe there are underground facilities. In part three Ben Emlyn-Jones discusses the work of Kevin Annett who has exposed child abuse in Canada. His film "Unrepentant" can be viewed online.

Dan Sherman - E.T. Communication

Show No. 15

Dan Sherman signed up for the U.S. Air force in 1982. During his commission he worked at the N.S.A (National Security Agency) who run some of Americas most top secret projects. Their activities are believed by many to extend to the UFO and E.T. issue. After being given a high level security clearance Sherman was introduced to an "above black" project which involved communicating with extra terrestrials. The N.S.A. has been running this project since at least 1961, with initial contact being established in 1947. Incredibly the N.S.A. have been co-operating with E.T.s whilst the E.T.s abduct women to genetically manage their unborn children in order to heighten a specific ability in their offspring. Dan Sherman is one of the offspring. He is a key whistleblower and his revelations provide a huge piece of the E.T./UFO puzzle.

John Hanson talks about his books on UFOs

Show No. 16

A new series of 4 TV shows featuring John Hanson and Dawn Holloway's ground breaking series of encyclopedias covering British UFO cases. Starting from 1940, these books provide a detailed picture of the sheer quantity of solid UFO sightings over the decades. In this first interview we speak to James Salandin M.B.E. a retired RAF pilot who witnessed 3 UFOs in the 1950s. This case was reported to Prince Phillip. We look into further cases which when looked at as a whole lead one to conclude beyond any doubt - UFOs are real and are not piloted by man. So many accounts of witnesses being warned not to speak also provides strong evidence of a cover up.

In the third show with UFO researcher John Hanson we look at incidents from the late sixties. Hundreds of people witnessed a UFO known as "The Flying Cross", described as a biblical looking cross covered in lights flying about the English countryside. The cross was chased by police officers. Also discussed is the craft witnessed by air steward John Greig in 1967 where a spherical metallic looking craft was witnessed over Heathrow Airport. Similar objects have been reported many times in the past. Next week is the final show in a series of 4 with John Hanson.

In this fourth and final show covering the work of ex police officer John Hanson we speak by telephone with two UFO witnesses. The first who is also a retired police officer witnessed a large UFO hovering over the river Nene whilst out fishing. Following the encounter the witness experienced unexplained health problems including a scar on the brain. He also communicated with the MOD, who allegedly started following his wife. The second UFO witness had a strange object come out of her nose, could this be an alien implant? The object was studied under electron microscope by staff at Manchester University. It is made of "hydrocarbon", but only limited testing could be undertaken. We are keen to have a more detailed study of the object carried out to see what is inside.

Danielle Silverman & Professor John Biggerstaff

Show No. 17

Most people who follow the UFO subject in some depth will know firstly that it is real, and secondly the reason for UFOs being here is not fully understood by people outside of the NSA. Nigel Kerner is one of the few researchers who has considered all of the available evidence and put forward a hypothesis explaining the reason for UFOs being here, and the reason for human abduction by grey aliens. The work of academics who have examined thousands of people claiming to have suffered abductions is not widely known. Nigel Kerner's books demonstrate he has looked in depth at a great deal of scientific knowledge to formulate his hypothesis. Danielle Silverman and cell biologist Professor John Biggerstaff have helped Nigel Kerner research his books. Be prepared to challenge some of your preconceived understandings of reality.

Gary Heseltine to launch "UFO Truth Magazine"

Show No. 18

Gary Heseltine is well known in the field of UFO research. Having worked as a detective in the British Transport Police for over 20 years, he is marking his retirement from the police by launching a new UFO magazine available soon. "UFO Truth Magazine" will be a bi-monthly online publication with 84 pages of UFO related material. He even managed to get me to agree to write for it and that is an achievement, me being "illiterate". A few years back Gary was given a written warning by the Police pertaining to his personal UFO research! We also discuss (again) the strange behaviour of government agent Nick Pope. Gary is also trying to get his film script of the famous Rendlesham Forest UFO incident made into a blockbuster film. If anyone has £10 million please get in touch with him. If the film goes ahead I would like to play the part of the light house operator.

Colin Saunders UFO

Show No. 19

Colin Saunders is a first class witness for more than one reason. Firstly he has worked as a draughtsman in the aircraft industry and knows how aircraft are put together. Secondly his job involved precisely recording in visual drawings technical information such as aircraft parts. Who better to observe and then record a UFO experience. The level of detail that Colin was able to put down on paper is incredible. He is convinced the craft he witnessed was not of human origin and has had other experiences since his very close encounter. Even the most ardent of skeptics have difficulty in explaining this one away. Again a totally silent craft, with triangular structure and some very interesting surface features.

Elaine Waite, Mystery Artifact

Show No. 20

Elaine Waite witnessed a large glowing object in her garden when she was 13. Throughout her life she claims to have witnessed UFOs on various occasions. In 1994 a very peculiar object came out of her nose. So intruiged by this she contacted UFO researcher John Hanson who took it to Manchester University. Tests were carried out by a Professor who was not prepared to be named. These tests included electron microscope photographs and mass spectroscopy analysis. Even after testing, the objects origin is still unknown. We still have the object and intend to have further electron microscope scanning done of the inside, in order to get to the bottom of this mystery. The "hook" on the end of the object is particularly interesting. Has this been designed as some kind of artificial implant?

John Hanson's Haunted Skies

Show No. 21

Retired police detective John Hanson has been researching and documenting UFO cases since the mid nineties. Together with his partner Dawn Holloway they are half way through writing a series of encyclopedias which represent the most comprehensive history of the UK UFO phenomenon. The book soon to be released focuses in on just one year, 1980. Two prominent cases are covered in great detail, they being the Alan Godfrey case and the Rendlesham forest incident. A great deal of new information is uncovered in these volumes which indicates the hard work John and Dawn have put in. In this weeks show we also feature a number of Richplanet UK UFO witnesses from Lincolnshire, Hailsham and Bedford. Details of John & Dawns books can be found at Amazon.com.

Hunt for Secret Bases

Show No. 22

Our investigations (which have so far proved fruitless) into possible secret bases being used to house undisclosed silent flying triangles somewhere in the UK. Richard explains the methods he is using to try and find possible bases and is encouraging others to follow. Anyone interested in helping please get in touch.

Lloyd Pye & Gary Heseltine

Show No. 23

Gary Heseltine gives an update on his "UFO Truth Magazine" conference in Holmfirth and we describe a UFO sighting from 2008 taking place in Lossiemouth. It seemed like yet another UFO case involving some kind of military pursuit, involving in a comprehensive search of the Lossiemouth coastline. What were they looking for? Also, Richard talks to researcher Lloyd Pye who answers many of the skeptical arguments about "The Starchild Skull", and explains some of the acute problems within the culture of the scientific community as they refuse to look at certain evidence.

UFOS AND NATO - The Human Mutilation Cover Up

Show No. 24

The phenomenon of animal mutilation difficult to explain in conventional terms, and has been linked for decades with UFO's, because strange lights are sometimes witnessed in proximity to sites where animal carcases are found. But have human beings suffered similar attacks? This film attempts to answer this very controversial question. Rumours about human mutilation have circulated the UFO community for years with some people claiming to have had contact with a military group which is used to acquire the corpses of victims of human mutilation. In the film we reveal the testimony of a black ops soldier, who was employed by a secret NATO "find and secure" military team. Their job is to search for and then protect sites where human mutilation has taken place. This programme is PART ONE. Part two follows in the next Richplanet show.

The phenomenon of animal mutilation difficult to explain in conventional terms, and has been linked for decades with UFO's, because strange lights are sometimes witnessed in proximity to sites where animal carcases are found. But have human beings suffered similar attacks? This film attempts to answer this very controversial question. Rumours about human mutilation have circulated the UFO community for years with some people claiming to have had contact with a military group which is used to acquire the corpses of victims of human mutilation. In the film we reveal the testimony of a black ops soldier, who was employed by a secret NATO "find and secure" military team. Their job is to search for and then protect sites where human mutilation has taken place. This programme is PART TWO. Watch Part One via previous Richplanet show.

In 2014 we screened the film "UFO's & NATO - The Human Mutilation Cover Up", which looked at claims of human beings suffering surgical mutilation in connection with UFO activity. We described the detailed disclosures of a former military man who worked on "find and secure" missions in the 1990's. The missions involved securing areas on the ground that had been affected after military engagement with UFO's. He witnessed over 30 mutilated human beings, all of which had similar surgical injuries to those found in animal mutilation cases. Richard met with the military source and gathered further information. Since these meetings he has been searching for evidence to corroborate the claims. In today's show we give a re-cap on the 2014 film and also reveal what part of the military it seems was supplying personnel to special forces for the secret "find and secure" teams.

Gary Heseltine on UFO's

Show No. 25

In May 2014 I interviewed Gary Heseltine (again) and we spoke about one of the most fascinating UFO cases, the Colares sightings of the 1970's. Incredibly these sightings involved beams of light being fired down from structured craft which were damaging the skin of locals. It appeared that these "beams" were extracting blood from the locals. The Brazilian military became involved and have hours of film footage of these interactions which have never been released. A Brazilian military whistleblower in the case died in mysterious circumstances shortly after making disclosures. Later in the show we discuss how practices of dis-information are used to cover up and muddle up information coming from UFO research. Gary continues to encourage people to subscribe to his magazine "UFO Truth Magazine", which had its second annual conference last week.

UFO Witnesses

Show No. 26

I speak to three UFO witnesses. Jeff Simmonds sighted a massive rotating disc shaped craft in broad daylight in South Wales, which seems to be a hot spot of UFO activity.

UFO Spotters & Seal Mutilations

Show No. 27

In part one Richard meets electronics engineer George Bagley. George has built equipment for night time and day time monitoring of the sky. During the day he monitors the sky in infra red and claims that objects can be seen which are not visible to the naked eye. We also look at some of what he has recorded, and some of it is difficult to explain. In parts two and three we speak again to animal mutilation researcher David Cayton who has been researching the bizzare phenomenon of seal mutilation. This started on UK eastern coastal regions around 2008. Patholigists are stumped, they do not know what is causing it. They have tried to guess what is causing it in their report, but this guess does not have a shred of evidence to support it. David Cayton is convinced this is a covert sampling programme being conducted by off planet intelligences.

The Sheffield UFO Incident

Show No. 28

In March 1997 a major air operation took place over the Peak District. Military jets were scrambled to the area shortly after witnesses reported a huge black silent triangular craft in the air travelling slowly overhead. After this, the sound and tremor of something crash landing was reported. The MOD have not admitted that one of their planes crashed, but much evidence points to a crash of a Royal Air Force jet, and also points to a government cover up. Questions which remain unanswered about the case are : What were the military chasing and why? and, did a military jet crash in the process? Max Burns who has carried out extensive investigations seems to have some of the answers. The case is known for being hugely controversial because certain pro government "mouthpieces" have been attempting to sweep the case under the carpet from day one.

Gary McKinnon - NASA & Military Secret Files

Show No. 29

In 2002 Gary McKinnon was arrested for remotely accessing files on NASA and military computer systems in the United States. Sitting in his bedroom in the UK using nothing more than a humble Windows PC with a 56K modem [sceeech Bulang Bulang Bulang sceech] he viewed the files of the worlds most powerful military organisations. Notice I have not used the word hacking, because in my opinion McKinnon did not need to do any hacking to gain access to these files. The files were publicly available for all to access on unprotected internet facing Windows PCs, without any security. This however did not stop the USA from requesting his extradition and putting him through hell for over a decade. But what was the real reason for this whole affair? Were the public being psychologically warmed to a new type of terror threat? Oh and yes there is a secret space programme.

The Men in White

Show No. 30

Gary Heseltine talks about UFOs (again). After starting an online magazine about UFOs 3 years ago, Gary started annual conferences to promote the subject. The latest conference held in September 2015 hosted some of the worlds top UFO researchers. Notably Stanton Friedman (Canada) and A.J. Gavaerd (Brazil). The attitude towards the subject is different in Brasil, with government organisations regularly sharing useful information with UFO enthusiasts. This is in stark contrast to the UK, whose government released "secret" files over a 4 year period, which turned out to be only useful for wiping your bottom on. They were already available under FOI request and nothing "secret" was ever released. The public were treated like idiots. Richard and Gary also discuss a recent "hit piece" documentary about UFOs produced for Channel 4.

Electro-gravitic craft over Lincolnshire

Show No. 31

Today's show features the remaining part of Richard's lecture from the UFO Truth Conference in Holmfirth. In it he shares his findings from his investigations into three massive alleged sheep rustling incidents in Lincolnshire. After carrying out these investigations the incompetences of the media, the police and the National Farmers Union are exposed for all to see. None of these organisations seem to be able to find out the truth about these incidents. After revealing the evidence and providing the most likely explanation, Richard then turns his attention to the 2009 wind turbine UFO incident, in which an object caused considerable damage to a wind farm turbine at Conisholme in Lincolnshire . The observations of several witnesses suggest the object was highly electrically charged which could be a clue to its mode of propulsion.

The RSPCA Cover Up

Show No. 32

In September 2015 Leicestershire suffered at least two bizarre horse mutilation incidents. We have had extensive communication with the horse owner of one of these cases. Today's programme shows, evidence is undeniable that the RSPCA are actively covering up the details of these un-explained incidents. The programme exposes just how many lies the RSPCA told the horse owner in an attempt to prevent the whole truth being seen by the general public. The case mirrors in many respects the case we covered in 2010 about a 2 year old gelding called Rascal. Nobody has been convicted in ANY of these cases and the injuries are way beyond any obvious explanation. Are these animals being used by some outside or E.T. group to manufacture anti-bodies or other agents to provide "medicine" for their agenda?

Starchild Skull & NATO Facility

Show No. 33

In today's show Andrew Johnson gives an update on the very unusual starchild skull. From 1998 to 2013 the skull was investigated by researcher Lloyd Pye who documented many inexpiable anomalies, and towards the end of his life claimed that nuclear DNA sequencing proved the skulls DNA was not like any other creature on Earth. Recently, some three and a half years after Lloyd's death, a new report has been produced which attempts to discredit Lloyd Pye's earlier research. Also on today's show Richard presents his investigation into a military facility in South Wales which is claimed to be targeting UFOs. New information on the history and layout of the facility reveals an MOD cover up about it's real purpose. Could this be a very significant discovery which confirms the claim that NATO are running a UFO targeting programme?

Animal Mutilation Mystery

Show No. 34

Richard tries get closer to the real cause of the bizarre animal mutilations which are still occurring regularly worldwide. He also takes a critical look at the alleged Croydon or M25 cat killer, and suggests we are being misled with those claims. All extremely Boblazar.


Show No. 35

Have aliens really visited us? What do they look like? Where do they come from and why are they here? Have they given us messages in Crop Circles? What historical evidence is there that aliens have been involved in the evolution or creation of humans? Is there a UFO/Alien cover up? If so, how is it kept in place?This book embodies an attempt to give some answers to the questions above, based on a compilation and distillation of evidence collected during about 15 years of ongoing research. Although this book is not written for people who are new to these topics, "newbies" and seasoned researchers alike should find something useful herein. Detailed information and over 900 references aim to give the reader a perspective on alien intervention, alien abduction, alien contact, landings and crashes. The involvement of military and intelligence interests and their influence on the so-called "Disclosure" movement is also considered. Also included is a critical look at certain prominent UFO researchers, who seem to be helping to keep certain truths obscured or marginalised.Although most or all of the information in this book has been written about elsewhere, this work attempts a synthesis of reasoned analysis which, it is hoped, will enlighten the reader and give them a new understanding about why any official type of "Disclosure" is unlikely to happen, as powerful interests need to keep their crimes covered up.

E.T.s on Earth?

Show No. 36

This is the second part of show no. 274 with Andrew Johnson discussing his new book on UFOs entitled "Acknowledged". In this episode we discuss the alien abduction phenomenon, and ask whether the military could be behind most alleged abduction cases. What about the ancient alien or ancient astronaut claims - Andrew brings to light what he believes is the best evidence for alien intervention in the distant past. We then look at some very intriguing photographs, video and physical evidence of alleged extra terrestrials on Earth. Could any of this evidence really mean that we have been visited by intelligent races from elsewhere in our galaxy?

Rendlesham UFO, 40 Years of Lies

Show No. 37

When trying to get to the bottom of an event, we often rely heavily on words that come out of people's mouths. If physical, video or photographic evidence is lacking, eye witness testimony is often used to shape the public's perception of events. For nearly 40 years, the public's perception about the most famous UK UFO case in history has been shaped by a number of military witnesses. Many researchers have tried to build a picture of what most likely happened in dozens of books, films and 'extended' interviews. All of these researchers (including myself) have made fatal mistakes by assuming that one or more of the military witnesses have been telling the whole truth. Recent statement analysis on three key witnesses leads to a startling conclusion. There probably was no unidentified object on any night during the Rendlesham forest incidents. The whole scenario was most likely a tale manufactured by U.S. intelligence, intended to conceal details of a classified exercise or operation.

Who Controls the Planet?

Show No. 38

Anyone who is awake enough to realise that the so called 'pandemic' is just a scam with ulterior motives, by now will also have worked out what the likely motives are. Much tighter control of the human race, the introduction of a technocractic monetary system, human enslavement and an as yet unknown amount of injury and genocide. But where does the real power lie? Where is the focal point of this agenda? Is it even on the planet? In today's show we discuss the probable motives about why the mainstream media has shifted its position on the UFO (Unidentified Flying Objects) issue. This includes detailed statement analysis of a prominent 'UFO whistleblower', which concludes he is comprehensively deceptive. We also discuss the possible reasons for the flood of mainstream mis-information about UFOs, and how this relates to todays fear based agenda, which is being thrust onto humanity.

Derek Gough 2011 Interview

Show No. 39

July 2022, I received the sad news that UFO investigator Derek Gough has passed away. Derek was very dedicated to his work and was the man who uncovered the alleged military interaction with UFOs in the Brecon Beacons and other remote areas. The interview is from 2011, and up until today only segments have been published. This is the full interview transcript which contains some fascinating claims and information.

The interview marked the start of my own investigation into this subject. More information has surfaced since 2011 which is contained in my series of films, "UFOs and NATO". You can watch the full films from this link.

If you listen carefully you will hear Derek say that the military source had a pass for Minley Barracks. Subsequent to this interview I met with the military source at least 6 times. Minley Barracks is where the Royal Engineers are based. One of the squadrons within the Royal Engineers is "58 Field Squadron", who specialise in bomb disposal. Their role involved rushing to suspected bomb sites, sealing off the area then dealing with the threat. This is very similar to what the source was doing when dealing with UFO related retrievals. NATO drafted personnel from 58 Field Squadron into a special forces secret group because they had the right skills for finding and securing dangerous areas. So the name "5, 8" means a small Group of specialist soldiers from 58 Field Squadron that was used to secure UFO related finds. Hence the name "Group 58 Security."

I also now know where the car belonging to the abducted couple was found. It was in a layby in a place called Llanbedr not far from Crickhowell. And I know approximately where the bodies were eventually found. They were just South of Talybont reservoir, which is about 10 miles west of where the car was found. Note also that the bodies were found 2 to 3 weeks after the empty car was found. (Car with lights on, engine running and front seats missing). The NATO led military unit (Group 5,8) must have known that person(s) had been abducted from the car, hence their helicopter search operation which went on in this area for over 2 weeks.

Also, the bodies were not aged 16 and 21. This was something Derek mis-heard. The two bodies were approximately aged 16 to 21. ie very young adults. There are more details in RP show number 199, Part 3. I believe that the abduction of the young couple occurred on 20th August 1990. If anyone would like to try and investigate whether a young couple went missing at that time , be my guest. Its likely that the young couple abducted from their car were "courting" or "copulating". It is interesting that the car incident at Llangynidr, which is mentioned in the interview, also involved a couple having it off in the car. In other words, we have TWO incidents invovling a car in a remote part of Brecon Beaons at night, containing a couple possibly having sex, and the car being approached and interfered with by a UFO. And in one case the couple actually taken from the car then found mutilated on the ground 10 miles away. Is there a specific interest in reproduction or human eggs/sperm/DNA?

Neil Spring appeared on the scene some time after Derek released this story in a UFO Magazine called "Global". Spring persuaded Derek to hand over the audio tapes that he had secretly recorded of conversations in the car with the military Group 5,8 source. Spring then allegedly put them in his locker at Oxford University and claims they were stolen from his locker. My opinion is that I suspect Neil Spring was sent on bahalf of some authority or group, to clean up and remove any tangible evidence that Derek Gough had in his possession (which he seemingly did).

I am not sure of the whereabouts of David Coggins or whether he is still alive. But if you listen carefully in the interview you will hear that Coggins recorded an interview with Derek in 1998 while all this was going on. This was a video recording on VHS tape. Myself and Derek Gough have tried to get this tape from David Coggins but he has never produced it. Derek was certain that Coggins still had it. This would be interesting to watch. If anyone knows where David Coggins is can they have a word with him and get the VHS tape off him. Similarly Neil Spring, "stolen from his locker", my arse.

This explains why that when I met the military man, he searched me carefully before he told me anything. He wanted to make absolutely sure I was not recording him.

Some may also be aware that the infamous James Casbolt has also put out details of this story. Casbolt got his information from David Coggins. Coggins who for reasons only known to himself drove down to Cornwall to give the information to Casbolt. In my opinion, this might have been so that the information could be tarnished or doubted by most if it were put out by the likes of Casbolt.

David Coggins was also for some time part of the APFU who investigated animal mutilations. Let's just say I didn't 100% trust him and I thought he might have been keeping tabs on Derek. Although I don't know this. I just got that impression.

Funniest quote from Coggins, listen from 1:29:00 ...
1:29:53 "Did they not take your clothes off"

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