April 2009 Newsletter : New Richplanet.net TV series

TV Series - Richplanet.net - Series 2
The production of the next series of 6 half hour TV programmes is complete. The programmes are being screened on Controversial TV (Sky 200) on Thursday evenings. You can watch the entire series from the Richplanet website from the following links,
Programme 1 - UFOs 2
Programme 2 - The UFO Cover Up
Programme 3 - The Illuminati
Programme 4 - UFO Disclosure 2
Programme 5 - Alien Ancestors
Programme 6 - Alien Abduction 2
The series continues the themes of the last series and includes interviews with UFO researcher Tim Good, police UFO investigator Gary Heseltine and expert on UFOs and cover ups David Boyle.

X-Conference, Dr. Roger Leir - April 17 - 19, 2009
Keep your eye out for a UFO conference which is taking place in Gaithersburg in the United States. You may know about Dr. Roger Leir, who over the last 14 years has removed implants from peoples bodies which are believed to be alien implants. Tiny transmittters which attatch to the patients nerve endings, you can read about the implants here Implants. Dr Leir has been carrying our further research into these devices and I believe he has also collected physical evidence from a house where an alien being is believed to have visited. He is speaking at the conference and has some revelations to reveal, that's all I know (if he stays alive to get the information out).

Obama Renegades on UFOs
During Obamas election campaign he set up a website called change.gov. This site was intended to allow the American people to vote for issues which they felt were important in the next administration. UFOs was one of the top issuse voted on, in particular a call for the U.S. government to reveal its UFO secrets. If you log on now, the site has been replaced by whitehouse.gov. I carried out a quick search on the new site for "UFO", no search results were returned.

MOD Releases more files
The MOD released another batch of UFO sightings files. The mainstream media coverage was pathetic, trying to imply that U.K. UFO sightings were U.S. stealth bombers being tested by the U.S. over british airspace without the permission of the MOD, what a load of crap.

TV Appearance
I appeared on EMTV (now renamed Controversial TV) (Sky 200) on 26th March in an interview with Theo Chalmers. Among the topics discussed were, government secrets, MOD files, anti gravity propulsion, global warming and politics of UFOs. The interview will be repeated on Saturday 4th April at 8:00pm. I intend to post a video of this interview on the Richplanet site in the coming weeks.

Richard D. Hall

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