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Evidence Alien Implants
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Over the last twelve years or so, American surgeon Dr Roger Leir has removed several suspected alien implants from patients. All of the patients claim to have had abduction experiences. On 23rd September 2006 he removed his 12th implant from the toe of a forty five year old woman.

Leir explains the common characteristics of implant removals he has undertaken in recent years. No evidence of how the implants get inside the body are present, that is, no scarring. When the soft tissue around the object is examined there is no inflammatory response which according to Dr. Leir is impossible, because anything that enters the body should have an inflammatory response. Implants are surrounded by a large number of nerve receptors which are not anatomically correct. One implant which he removed consisted of a grey biological membrane; a tiny sack about 7mm in diameter, which when cut open contained a further grey membrane. This inner membrane was so though it could not be cut open by a surgical scalpel. Inside this inner membrane was a tiny triangular object.

The object was sent for metallurgic testing at Los Alamos laboratories, who tested the item and then recommended further testing. The object was then analysed by New Mexico Tech laboratory, who had not been told that the object was removed from a human body. The laboratory reported that the object contained elements so rare, that the object was probably a fragment of a very rare meteorite, only a few of which have ever been discovered on Earth.

Further examination under an electron microscope, found that the implant did not have a natural structure and was in fact a manufactured item, therefore was not part of a naturally occurring meteorite at all. The examination also revealed that the object had been connected to the patientís nerve endings. The laboratory later concluded that elements found in the sample were extraterrestrial and do not occur on Earth.

Further research by Dr Leir has revealed that the implants give off radio waves. Using a guass meter [a device for measuring radio waves] he measured radio waves at two different frequencies coming from the implant whilst still inside the patientís body! As for figuring out how the implant works, our scientists have no explanation. It seems that the device actually interfaces in some way with nerve endings.

How come this hasnít been on the news? Who knows, itís just another piece of the UFO mystery that has gone underneath the radar of mainstream news. Surely this story should be in our headlines and the public should be demanding government funding to find out what is going on. But they donít, we just read about global warming instead. This makes me think that the government know what is going on and make damn sure it doesnít get into mainstream news and they certainly donít provide money to investigate Dr. Leirs findings further.

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