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22.8.2015 : The project started on 19.8.2015 with the first face to face meeting attended by some of the members. If you are interested in becoming part of this project please contact me via the contact page.

Watch TV show about over unity research >>

I am launching a project with the intention of investigating alleged over unity devices. Over unity devices are machines which are alleged to tap into a source of energy which may exist at a quantum level, but which is difficult to harness. A number or researchers claim to have tapped into this energy with their "over unity devices". The reasons why such devices are not in common use today is debatable. Arguments would include, 1. They do not work as claimed, 2. The inventors have been prevented from making their inventions available to the public, 3. They work but are unreliable.

If one researches this subject, it is very difficult to get an unbiased judgement on where the truth lies. Both camps, ie. the maverick inventor and the establishment science community have vested interests in proving the other wrong. The stakes are very high. One can only find the truth about such claims by reproducing the invention and carrying out your own independent testing.

This research project will have the following goals.

1. Seek volunteers with suitable skills and experience
2. Seek volunteers willing to provide funding and/or resource
3. Identify a list of claimed over unity devices
4. Discuss each device with a view to determining whether a prototype could be built
5. Build a prototype or prototypes
6. Investigate, modify & experiment with prototypes built
7. Internal testing to prove whether devices exhibit over unity
8. Seek outside test/verification
9. Publish results & detailed description of device(s)

The project will be lead by Richard D. Hall for two years. After this time Richard will be willing to stand down as the project leader and hand over to another individual should the group wish to continue. It will be up to Richard to decide how a new leader is chosen. Volunteers who agree to take part will not be paid expenses or salary.

As the leader Richard reserves the right to decide who is included in this project. He reserves the right to ask anyone to leave the project at any time. Richard will also have the final say on which devices are built and also on how resources are allocated. He will however listen to all members of the group before making decisions. As the project progresses, most of the proceedings will be recorded in notes, and either on audio or video. The rights to the audio and video will be owned by Richard D. Hall for the purposes of making TV documentaries, TV programmes and lectures to be broacast online, on television or sold on DVD. 50% of any profits from such activities will be allocated to this project, the other 50% will be retained by Richplanet.

If the group can prove that any of the devices demonstrate over untiy then the intention is to make this information publicly avaialble so that society at large can benefit.

On the issue of patents, this project is not seeking patents, as it will primarily be investigating claims of other inventors. It is to demonstrate whether over unity can be achieved. If the project does discover something new which has not been patented before, then it may be necessary to apply for a patent in order to prevent an outside party from stealing the invention. The intention would be to publish the patent and allow anyone permission to freely build devices using information in the patent.

I am aware of similar sounding initiatives in the past ran by others. I am very skeptical of such previous projects, it is not my intention to act as an "information collection agency" and I will be wary of anyone who may try to subvert the efforts of this project in this way.

I intend to hold review meetings at monthly or bi-monthly intervals at a central location in the UK. I would suggest somewhere central such as Birmingham. If anyone knows of a suitable venue in Birmingham they can allow us to use I would be most grateful. I would intend to hold the review meetings on Saturdays, probably the first Saturday in every month.

I am looking for people with experience in electrical engineering, electronics, mechanics, physics, manufacturing, steel fabricating & welding, electrolyis/chemistry, PCB layout & production, electrical & electronic circuit building, machining, injection moulding, materials science, draughtsmen(& women).

If you are interested in taking part please contact me on the form on the right side of this page, please include your email address and any relevant experience or information.

I envisage this project will kick off some time in June 2015.

Richard D. Hall

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