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Richard D. Hall again taps into the experts opinions, Gary Heseltine, Omar Fowler and Timothy Good are all featured in this third series. Starting with the controversial subject of religion, Richard D. Hall gives his unique slant on the subjects surrounding Ufology. We wanted to interview a biological anthropologist for this series, but it appears they are still too scared to be interviewed. Perhaps we will get one for series 4.

This is all very "Bob Lazar"!

Programme 1 – UFOs & Religion The first programme examines religion. Richard D. Hall trawls through the bible to find out what on Earth the ancient authors were referring to. Are these really "miracles", or could there be a far more plausible explanation bearing in mind what we know now.

Programme 2 – The History of Ufology Part 1 Examining the key people and events in Ufology from the 1930s up to 1969. If you want a quick overview to get to grips with this massive subject, then this programme is for you. In years to come your children will be being taught Ufology for their GCSEs.

Programme 3 – The History of Ufology Part 2 Following on from the previous programme, we look at the 1970s up to the present day. It's incredible when you realise all of the information available, from a wide range of different researcehers, that humanity has not yet woken up to the reality that we are not alone.

Programme 4 – Black Triangles Since the 1980s many people have described seeing huge silent black triangle shaped UFOs the size of a football pitch. They are believed by many to be E.T. cities in the sky. Richard D. Hall looks into cases in the U.S., the U.K. and Belgium with the help of Black Triangle expert, Omar Fowler.

Programme 5 – Glowing Orbs There seems to have been an increase in recent times of UFOs described as glowing orange orbs. Richard D. Hall investigates whether or not these craft can be passed off as "Chinese Lanterns". We look at some interesting UFO footage provided by Gary Heseltine and others. We also discuss the Lincolnshire UFO wind turbine incident. What happened?

Programme 6 – The Gateshead Grey Update In the first series we covered the story of Robert Hall, a geordie gentleman who witnessed extra terrestrials in 1940. We re-visit Robert for an update and go with him to the streets where the events took place. You may need to learn Geordie before watching this episode!

Total Running Time : 150 mins


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